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How old are coldplay listeners?


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A while back I noticed some comments about how "young" coldplay listeners are. Lets take a poll here and find out. Feel free to post your age as well as how long you have listened to the band. Should be interesting.


I'll start. Im 26.

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28 and love them since Parachutes :nice:

and I love the fact I'm more or less their same age..being a U2 fan sometimes it's not easy when everyone is talking about how they saw them back when I was still wearing diapers. I feel with Coldplay I'm not missing te best part of their career like I did, instead, with U2 just because I was too young :)

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i was too young and stupid to be around to experience my favorite coldplay era. granted, sometimes 10 is slightly young to get really into a small indie-ish band, but still. if i cared more i could have found them then :P

sometimes i feel a bit lame that it took me till X&Y to really love them. i guess 15 is pretty good though :D


better than the beatles which i missed by exactly 40 years.

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