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How old are coldplay listeners?


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there are many more older coldplay listeners..... they just seem to be sleeping at the moment :thinking:


Ok, Ok, I'm awake now.


47 years old


Fell in love with Coldplay summer of 2003 after a UK friend pushed a copy of Parachutes on me, trying to get me to update my musical tastes. I've been hooked ever since.


Member here since the summer of 2005.

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16, a fan since 14:smug:


Hey! Me too! If I'd knew who played songs like "Clocks" for example earlier, I'd probably been a fan for longer. Or if I would just had digged into "The Scientist" music video, when my mother pointed it out on the tv. That ballad just wasn't trendy enough for me back then. So unmeture. :rolleyes: I've especially really become a big fan of them through the last year.

I'd wish I was born 10 years earlier, because I feel that I've been missing out their early days. And then I would have been a fan, when they played concerts in Denmark. :'(

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28 and love them since Parachutes :nice:

and I love the fact I'm more or less their same age..being a U2 fan sometimes it's not easy when everyone is talking about how they saw them back when I was still wearing diapers. I feel with Coldplay I'm not missing te best part of their career like I did, instead, with U2 just because I was too young :)[/quote


I'm 26 and i completely feel the same way.

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