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How old are coldplay listeners?


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I'm 19, and I've been a true fan since the first time I listened to their first 2 albums back in December 2004, when I was 15 :nice:


I remember hearing and liking Yellow back in 2001, but I also remember seeng the Don't Panic video at a friends house in 2000. That would make me about 10. :stunned:

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I'm 37. I didn't start listening to Coldplay until X & Y. I remember hearing about a "big" new band on the scene with a new single called "Clocks". I caught it on the radio and thought, "catchy but a bit plain". So I dismissed them (at my age you're not as anxious to grab onto the new stuff, you're more content to just keep playing your old favorites). Then a friend (twenty something) told me how great they were and played me a few of their songs. I immediately went out and bought their three main CD's. :D My son (14) heard what I was playing and fell just as hard.

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28 and love them since Parachutes :nice:

and I love the fact I'm more or less their same age..being a U2 fan sometimes it's not easy when everyone is talking about how they saw them back when I was still wearing diapers. I feel with Coldplay I'm not missing te best part of their career like I did, instead, with U2 just because I was too young :)


Took exact words right outta my mouth!!!! Wait, are we twins seperated at birth???:laugh3:

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