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Chris Martin Caricature


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I'm probably the only one up right now but I'll just go ahead and post this anyway.


I've been working on a Caricature of Chris Martin for the last week or so (intermittently) in Photoshop, and I've just finished it. I used my Wacom tablet and the brush tool about 98% of the time to paint the picture. The other 2% was done using gradients and blurring (the background and light rays, etc). At first I intended to make it kinda comic book-like, but I guess I reverted back to my fine art roots and went for realism, which makes it look a lot less eye catching. But I've finished it now and I just wanted to get it out there as soon as possible so I can stop fussing over it and move onto something else.


Anyway without further ado, here's my attempt at my first ever caricature of anyone. Its not very flattering (well it isn't really supposed to be), but I hope its still recognisable.





Here's the smaller version for you:




You can view it medium sized in this spoiler:






And follow this link view it in full resolution here (this is pretty big):




By the way, the original photograph that I worked from can be found here (argh I'll look for it tomorrow)


I hope you like it! :nice: (and that it doesn't freak you out too too much)

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semy, that's amazing! :stunned:

my goodness.


did you start out by editing a photograph, or did you do everything by hand? because i think the face is really really cool, but the jacket and the fingers and everything are so perfect and real and chris that if you did that by hand, i'd be a bit freaked that anyone could draw that well :P

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Oh my, I wasn't expecting so many responses! Thanks for the comments everyone! :blush: :nice:


And I'm glad you like it Chelsea! To answer your question though, what I did was take a photograph I found on flickr.com somewhere, and I liquified the face in Photoshop to get a basic idea of what features I was going to exaggerate in the painting. Then I opened a new document and started copying the photograph by scratch. It took me fricking ages, but I did draw everything you see there, including his fingers and his jacket and buttons, etc. the only thing I didn't draw by hand in the background, that was done using gradients. Remember though it's not like I just created this picture out of thin air, I was pretty much copying from a photograph most of the time... but I wanted to avoid any cheating so I just did everything by hand. What was really difficult at times was interpreting what certain details were on Chris' clothing, because the photo was pretty small, and I had to make sense of a cluster of pixels to translate it into a *somewhat* detailed painting. But anyway, I'm rambling.


I'm not too happy with the hair, but I can't draw hair to save my life... particularly curly hair. I'm too lazy to try to improve it though :P


Haha, I didn't set out to make it in a Tim Burton sort of style, but now you mention it, I guess it kind of does! And I'm not sure if I can do other caricatures of the band any time soon, seeing as its so time consuming, but I'll give it some thought, maybe. :nice:


And I've just realised that one of the yellow strips on his microphone are too saturated. Argh!

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