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Ask the Oracle on Coldplay.com (Now in session!)


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:lol: eww gross.. !


Jonny related questions i just sent : are you still afraid of Jonny going jazz ? does he still feel the urge to buy a saxophone that plays bebop ? does he go to bed with his hat on ?


it's so much fun. :dance: i dont care if they're not picked, at least someone from their staff might read those silly questions ! let's bombard !!!

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I'm gonna go watch that now by the way :blush: Love it.


We should ask whether Chris' once-white-now-yellow sweat stained shirt is a health hazard :P



great question :laugh3:



I watched that last night.. and I loved it :blush:

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^ worms ?




Asked them if Chris will take (african) dance classes to help him with the shows.



Might help him coordinate singing, dancing, breathing, AND not getting too tired too soon.


And still allow wild interpretations of moves!

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