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Ask the Oracle on Coldplay.com (Now in session!)


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Hell when I start a thread about finding hotel location, I got cheeky answers, nearly accusing me of stalking:confused:

I guess anywhere else it appears to be ok to want to find this out!


sOOOO....my query to the great all knowing one was : (pallovi, dont even start...)


"Being that Chris`s children are dual citizens, English/American parents, nearly being raised with equal time in both countries, which accent does their speech favour?"


interested because my grandson is also being raised in the same scenario, and with his just learning to really talk, and knowing Moses is the same age, ...got me curious.:thinking:

That's good! :)


Will Guy Berryman meet some cute and sexy Spanish girl....? :D


Mmmm... I have to think... :)

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I thought the Charmed ones vanquished the Oracle, and she's been replaced by the Seer? :confused:


Does the second IZOD show, which isn't listed on Coldplay.com but the ticket agencies are selling tickets for, actually exist?


I haven't even noticed this! I hope they answer this question.


I asked for the download of Will's version of Death will never Conquer. Sorry to all the Chris lovers, but i don't like his version.

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The Oracle is now in session

July 26, 2008 10:50 am

Your questions answered


*July 25, 2008 - submitted by Luke, United Kingdom


Q. If love, like air, can only be felt and not seen, how can we know that it exists?


The Oracle replies:


Well Luke, we know air exists, so following the same theory, the logical answer is that love does too.



*July 25, 2008 - submitted by Samuel, United States of America


Q. Which of Coldplay's members snore?


The Oracle replies:


The Oracle once shared a tour bus with the entire band and does not recall hearing anyone snore.


*July 25, 2008 - submitted by luisadawn, United Kingdom


Q. I want to sing with some rock bands (doing backing in the studio for records etc). Why is it so hard to do this when my vocal is so good? x


The Oracle replies:


The Oracle is happy to hear your positivity, but alas, most of the American Idol/X Factor entrants also think they are good. And they are not. So, ask other people if you are as good as you think. If it turns out you are talented, then you are still one of several thousand who possess that gift. But don't give up on your goal. Talent plus effort is usually a pretty good formula for success.



*July 25, 2008 - submitted by Rachel, United States of America


Q. Why do men have nipples?


The Oracle replies:


It has something to do with the fact that whilst in the womb we are of undetermined sex, so at that point we all have nipples.



*July 25, 2008 - submitted by Rachel, United States of America


Q. Is it possible for me to make "Coldplayism" a religion as well? Worshiping this miraculous band, of course.


The Oracle replies:


Although there is technically nothing to stop someone from worshiping Coldplay, Coldplayism may be seen as a cult or parody religion. There may also be an issue of copyright with using the name. And remember, as Oasis once said unto us, "Please don't put your life in the hands of a rock n roll band".




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The Oracle once shared a tour bus with the entire band? :thinking:


I should ask if there was any Chris and Jonny action!! :dance::dance::dance:




Maybe you should ask if there's vaseline on their rider. Maybe she (Oracles are always shes ;) ) will answer that.

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