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Ask the Oracle on Coldplay.com (Now in session!)


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Do you need answers?

If you have a question (Coldplay-related or not) then ask the Oracle.

The Oracle will pick the best/most interesting/bizarrest questions and answer them for all to see. The Oracle can do this because The Oracle knows everything.


Kind of creepy, in my opinion... but I'm going to toss it a few questions anyway!

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Sounds like Any Questions Answered.... my friend was texting them silly questions yesterday. such as...... "I'm being abducted by aliens several nights a week. What course of action should I take?"

and "What's the greatest thing about oranges"... yeah we were bored :uhoh:


I might think of something ridiculous to ask.....

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This looks like a task for JD, he's the expert in getting Coldplay questions answered!


or Mich. She got her questions answered TWICE on air :)


I asked about Guy singing on his own, what would the guys like to be remembered for, and I asked the Oracle if I actually needed answers. :P

must come up with more silly questions ! :D

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I kinda wanna pull a Jay-Leno-fan and ask what the band members names are


oooo, that would be a good one. I was cringing watching Leno, when those fans ( and I use that term oh so loosely) were messing up on simple questions any die hard fan would get in an instant!

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