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A little story I thought was amazing...


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I didn't know where to post this, so I'll just start a thread...


So, I went to see Coldplay on July 19th in Las Vegas. I flew from San Diego just to see them, and I took my favorite book, The Catcher in the Rye, with me on the plane. I have this weird emotional attachment to this book, and never leave my home without it in my purse...so it's old and falling apart.

Anyways, concert was amazing, best night of my life, and of course I got a butterfly! I put the butterfly inside the cover of my book, along with my Coldplay ticket, a picture of Guy, ;) and a couple other pics I cut out from a magazine in my Vegas hotel.

On my way back to San Diego, I took the book with me on the plane again...and forgot it. I was DEVASTATED. I couldn't believe I left my favorite book on a plane! And I reeeeaaallly wanted my butterfly back! I shed a few tears...then gave it up for lost...


Honestly I've been going through a really hard time lately, and it really hasn't been my year. I was just feeling really down...

Last week...more than a month later, I went to check my mail and found a package from the airline...I couldn't believe it. It was my book. I was so excited, and then I opened it..and everything was inside! My butterfly, my ticket, my pictures...and a little note that I didn't but in there that said:


"We live in a beautiful world."

--Don't Panic


I'm so grateful to whoever did this. It's the most amazing thing I've even felt. It made me smile.

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That's Just Amazing!!!


your story made me smile!!!


I mean! it's just incredible that nowadays something like that can happen... but it does!!! It's possible and it's great!!!


Your story is one of the best Coldplay's experiences that I've ever seen/read/known!!!


Congratulations!!! and well, you should feel really good 'cuz you've got everything back!!!


Viva El Mundo Hermoso!!!

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I was wondering that too! Did you have your address somewhere on the book?? Or was it someone from the airline that tracked it down from your seat #?


In any case, that's an amazingly touching story...you should share it with The Oracle, maybe if it's a slow question day;), he/she will post on coldplay.com! Another wonderful Coldplay story, to go with that loose :flutterby: in Vegas one.

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Oh my god that made my day. you are truly blessed and who ever sent the package to you is amazing. a little flutterby shout out for them!:flutterby: I had to read that book in school too. and re read it a few years ago, it get better with time and life experiences.


Welcome to the forum

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