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16-Sep-2009: Hampden Park, Glasgow - Tickets, Previews, Meetups, Reviews/Photos


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I'll search twitter for gig related tweets.

Did that two days ago too, but got kinda irritated by all the people who could hear the show from their house/bedroom window.. Grmbl! :angry:


Anyhow, I'll be on the board tonight and you can always call or text me *hint hint* :P

Keep a close eye on Guy, he must be really happy to be back on Scottish grounds! :D

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Have fun tonight, everyone going to tonight's concert! :D


And Kirsten - you have always been so sweet to tweet from the concerts you have been going to or to reforward tweets from other concert-goers, so if tonight you choose not to tweet so much, but instead to enjoy the concert so much more being fully focused on the concert - then alright. HAVE FUN and ENJOY! :)

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Kirsten is at Hampden Park already, queuing up. Her first tweet just came in

Clocks is currently soundchecked. Sounds like a 'live soundcheck' to me because of the piano bit. Let's just pretend they are there.


Edit; here's another one from her

Now Glass Of Water is reheared but all without singing, at least i can't hear it. I am getting soo excited!



Cemeteries of london and chris is singing. Squee! People start showing up and the singalong has already started.
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Two very lucky girls

NotSoDivaNik: OH MY GOD, Chris Martin from Coldplay just stopped his driver at Glasgow Airport specially to come say hello to me and sarah! WAAAAAAAAAA!

NotSoDivaNik: http://twitpic.com/hxlgq - Me, Sarah & Chris Martin from Coldplay! He is lovely! xxx


Edit; another tweet from Kirsten

Soundcheck now with Strawberry Swing! Met two nice chaps from Edinburgh and they promised me to keep me a spot in the first row!
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