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How much money have you spent on Coldplay?


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It would be fun (scary?) to see how much money the people at Coldplaying have spent on Coldplay over the years.

I'm mainly thinking of things you have bought that the band itself gets money from; Albums/singles/DVDs, concert tickets, tab/chord books, clothes and other Coldplay merchandise.


When summed up, I think this could be a quite large amount.


So make an estimate, and post the amount in $/£/€.

You can easily convert between currencies here:


Personally, I haven't bought that much stuff, and haven't been to concerts.

But I guess CDs plus some tab books add up to about $110.


So, if you dare, post your spendings!

(Oh, and don't feel bad if you've spent a lot - I bet in most cases it's been worth the money!)

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Too much:lol: but since its from coldplay it´s alright! i have a box with all my coldplay stuff... no idea how much did i spent :S t-shirts,vinyls,concert tickets,singles and albums..no idea :laugh3:not counting magazines i have :x what if we posted pics from our stuff? thats would be nice!

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not that much.... I just bought one ticket and the another two came from heaven :lol:


so let's count


concert ticket: around $85

parachutes / a rush / viva la vida / live 2003 + some singles (my friend bought x&y for me and Christa gave me vlv+prospekt :heart:): around $75



anyway, this should be in the coldplay section

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you really don't want to know.


ok, four concerts at $75-$90 each. 6 tshirts between $20 and $40 each. 4 albums, two EPs, two DVDs, four vinyl LPs, the vinyl singles boxset, two posters, keychain, bracelets, tote bag...there's probably more i'm not thinking of. i would say just that adds up to $1000 at the very least, probably more than that.


and then there's transportation, which is at least another $1000 right there in gas, trains, parking fees, and hotel fares. though if i'm counting wembley in september, i'm not counting the plane tickets, since i'll be in england anyway :P

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I better not answer this one






Me niether...:dizzy:.....Let's say I've used up all potential birthday, anniversary & Christmas present requests from my husband for many years to come...

......with a good chunk more to go right ? Wembley here we come, kaching!!


(And of course, worth every penny....)

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