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Taylor swift steals coldplay lyrics?


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there was just a taylor swift song (invisible) on the radio (:\) and she sang this:


"I just want open up your eyes and make you realize"


Looks fomiliar, doesn't it?


"You cut me down to size and opened up my eyes

Made me realize what I could not see"


coincidence, or just stealing?

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It's a VERY obvious lyric. The kind of thing I expect from both Coldplay AND Taylor Swift - they both write music for an intellectual devoid target audience, and anything slightly-far-from-obvious would just confuse and alienate their oh-so-mainstream audiences.



So no, Taylor Swift didn't steal this lyric from Coldplay. They both just wrestled it from the realm of the infinitely clichéd, with hands composed of dollar bills.

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I don't think she copied, it was probably just a coincidence...i noticed in another song of hers she sings

"everytime you shine, i'll shine for you"

but like I said it's probably a coincidence :rolleyes:

OMG OMG I also once heard a song where they used the word "love" and another one where they used the word "you". Probably just a coincidence tho hahahaha :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:


Some people are just retarded.

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