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I dunno how many people have one, but...




Basically you set up an account (is very quick sign-up process), and you get asked questions. You answer them. The asker might be someone you know, or simply anonymous. You can ask other people questions as your username or as anonymous.


I made one because it seems interesting.



Perhaps others have accounts!

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what was the dealio with the makers of this site stealing information?





there was something about that? no?


Google says nothing :shrug:


I guess you could think that because of the info you can possibly give out. But that's up to personal judgment on whether you give that out or not.

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how so? just curious.

You can learn a lot about the people who you do not know very well, in my case it was a girl that I barely knew and she barely knew me. By asking her anonymous and interesting questions, I have been able to derive my own conclusions about how her life was in the past, how it's now, and the direction of where it is heading.

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Everyone (well not everyone, quite a few!) uses Formspring for bullying! It's disgraceful! One of my so called 'friends' has been leaving hate messages to another friend of mine (some death threats) and has blamed some of me! It took a while for me to 'clear my name'. I despise the website...

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