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The Damon Albarn thread.


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yes that video, i have no idea what they were rambling about in there. i just blame it all on weed. :P




someone had this tagged as Damon rapist ...ohdearchrist:laugh3::laugh3:


that haircut is... :uhoh:


ahh, i really love it when he does a 'half smile' like this, i.e. not showing his teeth, and his lips stay all full and squishy :wacky:


i love guys with half smiles. :wacky:



oooh! i love this picture. :awesome:



is that Alex at the back? he's looking really good here.













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just found this... and AWWW omygod :heart:


This is full of cute! :heart: And OMG his smile! :lol: :nice:


i love him in his 'plastic beach' wear too!:wacky:












awww :D

Same :cheesy:

The red striped shirt really suits him not matter how casual it is. :sleep:

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I'm recording it because I'm going out (6:30pm here ;))

I hope it's gonna work.

Oh and he said few words in french. His voice :bomb:


! can't waitttttt. please upload ittt.


THANKS BTW. :awesome:




the mic's not an ice-cream, Damon. :sneaky:

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Here the interview :)



they play On Melancholy hill, then an acoustic song with Damon and Amazigh Kateb, Rock el kasbah (Rachid Taha), Sabali (Amadou & Maryam) and Fool's day


"Translation" (sorry for the mistakes, my english isn't really good)

3: 50 As many people are on strike that day they can't make the acoustic session that was planned. Damon and Amazigh Kateb are just going to play on the floor.

Then Damon answered.

4: 50 After the radio host has welcomed them, Damon made a joke by saying only one-half of the word goodnight (bonsoir). He just said "bon".

Then blah blah

5:10 Q: How the Africa Express project is born?

"La musique, la musique, je crois, c'est absolument (?) Africa Express" => "Music, music, I think, is absolutely (inaudible word) in Africa Express", then he continued in English.

6:50 translation

7:30 Amazigh Kateb explains what this concert means for him, contact with the public, meeting artists and his work to introduce African music and especially Algerian and Moroccan music to the rest of the world.

12:00 she announces the next song and explains that it's that song which closed the first Africa Express concert at Glastonbury festival in 2007.

3:30 blah blah and then they talk about Damon's socks because he has musical notes on them.

16:00 Q: Is it a different feeling to play in Africa Express than to play with blur or gorillaz ?

19:00 translation of Damon's answer with a joke by Damon.

20:50 Amazigh Kateb point of view about the fact that each concert is unique.

27:30 Q: Are you gonna watch the world football cup?

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Oh and he said few words in french. His voice :bomb:


i didnt know he could speak any french. wow, i look forward to listening to that.



Here the interview :)



they talk about Damon's socks because he has musical notes on them.


i cant download it, it says that it is currently unavailable? i dont know if anyone else can download it it might just be me haha.


musical note socks :D

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