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The Damon Albarn thread.


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I have a crush on his nose :disappointed:


here is damon wearing that mini mouse shirt. he is wearing it in a few scenes in no distance left to run and then there are other pics of him looking ridiculous in it too :P



Oh god xD

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By the way, i found out where this is from:




It's from the Bananaz documentary on Gorillaz. :lol: I had only watched about half of it before. I finished it lastnight. It's SOO funny! If you guys haven't watched it yet, you really should.

it's all on you tube...

here is the first one, the rest are recommended off to the side. there are ten parts




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oh my god I love Jamie's laugh, its so infectious :D


Its quite nice to see the two of them behind the scenes as well, just general everyday conversations to each other, relaxed. How cool to see all those sketches from Jamie as well. Murdoc always reminds me of a young Keith Richards :lol:


'the finished result will be WICKED' :lol:


Damon doesnt look right with glasses on haha.

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