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Do you have any pets?


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Names in brackets are nicknames




Left to Right

Fluffy (Fluffs), Boris (Bori), Dave, Pearla, Berry


Boris and Dave are in love despite being the only two boys -_-. Boris is trying to court Berry though.




Skittles (Skittybum/Skitty/Boy/Fathead)


I also have another cat called Possum (Possy) but photos don't want to upload just yet so that will have to wait

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Haha thanks Perrine :hug:


Awww so cute :blush: Doesn't it get cold in the snow? I know that rabbits in forrests don't, but domestic rabbits..?

Thanks! :hug:

Oh yeah I think they do, I just put her there for a few seconds to take the pic^^


I love that rabbit he's so cute


tres mignon lapin!

Haha thanks!

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At home (so not actually where I'm living atm :() I have...

2 dogs, Camper & Jessie

7 cats (long story... we didn't try to end up with that many), Misty, Katie, Molly, Squeak, Patches, Stumpy and Netty

Lots of horses, I have 3 (Blake, Gecko, Deek)

A few cows


A miss them ALL so so so so so so much :bigcry:

Especially my boys (meaning my horses :P) :cry:

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Is Pearla the new one that you were asking for name suggestions a few weeks ago? I like that name. :nice:


Yep :nice:


Those are adorable!


That's not the clearest photo, but yeah they are cute. Then again all budgies are cute to me :heart:

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^ I love the colours..How do you take care all five of them though?


They're pretty simple to take care of.

What we pretty much do goes like this...

Change their seed and water twice a day (more if needed), clean the cage if it gets too mucky. Cover the cage with a sheet at night so they can settle.

Give them toys and treats every now and then, etc

Take them to the vet if any sudden drastic changes in appearance/behavior happen

Let them out of the cage for a fly once in a while (you've gotta supervise the more inexperienced flyers tho), handle them a bit...

Make sure they're not out when the cat's around/keep cat from knocking over cage

Make sure they've got different sized perches so their feet don't get deformed over time (just stick in a few long twigs that don't wobble)

Don't let them eat flowers that may be poisonous (not a problem for us, we don't really have any inside and when we do they never go for them)

And vacuum at the bottom of the cage. Ugh, I swear, Fluffy loves to jump in the seed pot and kick it around. The new pair tend to spill it a bit too. So there's always seed and feathers on the carpet -_-



That's the most of what I can think of really


The only difference with our budgies though is that one can't fly (Dave) due to his lack of feathers and size, so he absolutely must be supervised if let out or handled and the cat can't be around if he is to be. He can only really flutter a short distance, scuttle, and climb.

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^It's not simple, but tedious. I'm not sure if I can take care of one, let alone five.


It seems that you're really into budgies. I wonder why.


One is a lot easier than five and doesn't create much mess at all. I think you'd be able to manage one. Any more than two is potentially tedious and messy.


I don't know why... it was when I got Boris though, I fell in love with their nature looks and personality. :shrug:


I'm trying to breed mine, but it's a bit hard when both of the male budgies are gay for one another. -_________-

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I got such a good deal on it; it was a floor sample that they wanted to get rid of to make room for the new models, so I got it for about 75% off. That's definitely the way to go! No point in paying full price if you don't have to.

that's great, truly the way to go. you were so lucky.


I don't have any pets. :cry:


But I wish I had a cat who looked kinda like this one :




So adorable ! :nice:

hehe thanks.


I have a cat, and I'm adopting two puppys sometime this summer. One is an English Sheepdog and the other is a Great Pyrenees. They're only a few days old right now. :wacky:



And yes, I love big dogs. :D

so true, big dogs are better, if i ever have one i'd like it be a husky or a wolfdog if possible. :wacky: i love spitz type.


The majority of my animals were "rescued" in a way. My turtle had it's tail bitten off by other turtles when it was little and they would pick on it. (but now my turtle is huge and aggressive), I had a frog I found that wasn't doing so well and nursed back to health, my dog was abandoned, I had taken home a baby bird that was dying and tried to nurse it to health but it died a couple days later. I also had a lizard whom the majority of it's fingers weren't burnt off along with part of it's tail and a bit of it's face.


I'm going to be one of those crazy ladies who ends up with a gazllion pets I rescued and treat them all like my adopted kids. ahaha.

that's so nice you help and care them :nice:


here happened the same dozen times :bigcry: , i find a baby bird i nurse it but it dies with no remedy :( i think when they find out they are out of their place, they go on a bye bye mode. :\ in other good side, there are two bird nest at home in spring :wacky: (birds make the nest on the corner of my window) so i hear the baby birds in the mornings.


3 years ago i was about to get an abandoned dog but other person took it, and a year ago i was about to get an abandoned turtle, but turtle died :(

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