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[20-Dec-2010] Crisis: Coldplay in Newcastle (JOURNAL TYNE THEATRE, WESTGATE RD)


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Here in Newcastle waiting for the second gig. Just took a picture with Will and spoke with him About SHIVER. They don't make it full band because of Guy, as Chris told me last year in Exeter.

Yesterday the soundcheck was great. The best.


Keep in touch if i find another wifi zone. Bye guys.



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I met HIM!! Oh my God :)

Aw, your picture looks gorgeous, congrats! :)


Here in Newcastle waiting for the second gig. Just took a picture with Will and spoke with him About SHIVER. They don't make it full band because of Guy, as Chris told me last year in Exeter.

Yesterday the soundcheck was great. The best.


Keep in touch if i find another wifi zone. Bye guys.



Thanks for sharing!


Everyone have a blast tonight! ^^

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Three videos I took:


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31XfSBKLYas]YouTube - Coldplay - Lost! (Live at the Tyne Theatre)[/ame]


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfDJfZI6eM8]YouTube - Coldplay - Shiver (Live at the Tyne Theatre)[/ame]


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDkYPk9iJCQ]YouTube - Coldplay - Christmas Lights (Live at the Tyne Theatre)[/ame]

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I actually started putting them up during the show as my beat friend, who was meant to be with me, was very poorly and was confined to his bed, and I didn't want him to miss out!


Here's the last one I took, The Scientist:


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwLBChnUGbo]YouTube - Coldplay - The Scientist (Live at the Tyne Theatre)[/ame]

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[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwLBChnUGbo]YouTube - Coldplay - The Scientist (Live at the Tyne Theatre)[/ame]


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDkYPk9iJCQ]YouTube - Coldplay - Christmas Lights (Live at the Tyne Theatre)[/ame]




[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfDJfZI6eM8]YouTube - Coldplay - Shiver (Live at the Tyne Theatre)[/ame]


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31XfSBKLYas]YouTube - Coldplay - Lost! (Live at the Tyne Theatre)[/ame]

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Jamie's Big Ol' Review.


UPDATE: Version 1.1 - Fixed faulty photo links and provided a direct link underneath in the spoiler incase the problem photos decide to stop working again :smiley:


Chapter 1: Pre-show


So hi... is... is this thing on? *taps mic* *get's awful feedback*

ouch, hey.... so welcome to my big review of all things Coldplay from tonight at the Tyne Theatre. and sincere apologies for the awfully cheesy intro, cracking on...


It started (these things always start with 'it started...' or 'it was a cold october morning...) when I received my ticket from the box office at the MetroRadio Arena. Naturally like most others I figured having bought the ticket from the general allocation that I would be up in the rafters or at least in the upper tier; but for some reason unbeknownst to me, my coldplay karma was about to strike. I tore open the envelope that the ticket had been handed to me in and quickly read where I was.... 'Stalls, Row A, Seat 10' and perhaps out of a lack of expectation I thought 'oh, so in the upper circle, not too shabby and at least I'm in the front row of THAT' but it wasn't until Natascha kindly sent on a link of the floorchart that I realised that the stalls were infact the grounded seating area, and I was in row A, I.WAS.IN.ROW.A' - well, this was brilliant!! off I set to the Theatre itself.





Upon approaching the theatre I thought 'Maybe I should pop into the Apple store to charge my iPhone a little (I do that sometimes, DEAL WITH IT :P) but out of excitement and seeing the coaches I hastily made the decision to wait by the stage door where there were already a few people waiting by who had been there since the early afternoon, it wasn't long before we got into conversation and they told me how "allegedly" the band had been inside for hours and Will had only just gone in, damn! I missed him!... moving on, after this I couldn't bring myself to leave because knowing my luck I'd go for a coffee and Chris would enter with bitches and hoes on his arms, sporting a fluffy pink coat and a feather out of his hat... maybe not, but I didn't want to miss ANYTHING. (+1 for 'Bitches and hoes'?)


Just incase you're interested and for visual aiding purposes, the Stage Door.





A few of us stood around exchanging pleasantries and generally chatting about Coldplay, there were people who had travelled from Italy, Florence & Sicily to be precise (ps. Girl in red coat from Florence... call me! /sleaze/hadacrushonher/shedoesntposthereitsokay). So while this was going on, there wasn't a lot of movement band-wise, though we did manage to spot the mole-like-in-aapearance-Miller and caught up with him to say hey, he seemed in a rush so a quick greeting was only apt, still though, you could feel that there was Coldplaying Karma in the air (though I doubt you could cut through it with a knife.... some floss maybe? no...). The Coldplaying Karma was about to kick in anyyyyyy minuuuuuuteeeeeeeeeee......now! - I walked to the stage door to get a glance inside past the security guard and weirdly I see a man that I recognise running frantically down the coridoor... I raise my arm and point at him as if to say 'I KNOW YOU!' - and Phil Harvey peeks his head out of the door. We shake hands and talk about how we met on the Christmas Lights set, then he bursts out 'Has Will came out here? I've lost him and I need to find him immediately!' - to which I was a little taken a-back... 'No, he hasn't been out' I said, before adding 'Miller came out before though', Phil looked puzzled then smiled and said, 'I need to find Will, if he comes out let him know I'm looking for him!' and he darted off. Anyyywhooo, after about 30minutes of nothingness, my feet being numb and chatting to two lovely guys who it transpired were still at my old school (turns out my old form tutor Ms. Garside is now a whore and has two kids to the science teacher Mr. Craggs, you can't write this shit...) we saw a burly african security guard making his way from the room in front of us (inside the building) and behind him being led out toward us was a sheepish Jonny Buckland. SHIT! HOLY SHIT! I was probably thinking as I dashed to the entrance and was the first to greet him! 'Jonny! pleasure to meet you!' I said, extending my hand to vigorously shake his, surprisingly not pulling it off. He said hello very politely and nodded as he said 'of course, absolutely' to me asking if I could have a photo with him, I fumbled around to pass my phone to a lovely poster here from South korea (I don't know her name, sorry, but she was on the boat too! and recognised me as the winner of the signed mince spies... ha) and she took an excellent photo of me and the man himself! photo in the doobly-doo down below.






Something which I'll never quite know the answer to, but WHAT ON EARTH posessed me to do this.... your guess is as good as mine! (+2 for lyrical puns? :awesome:) - as Jonny was talking to the guy next to me and signing a bunch of autographs, I apparently turned into Ron Burgundy and said very suavely and excitedly 'THE BUCKKLANDDD' - to which he laughed quite loudly, I don't think he, NOR I, were expecting that. WTF? If I turn into a god damn fool in-front of these people I'll never get into the tribute band!! (joking..... :rolleyes:), so that aside, I had so far frozen to death, bumped into Phil, Miller and completely made an idiot out of myself in-front of the greatest guitarist in the world.... Brilliant.


After he leaves a bunch of us are talking about how the cold was worth it and that we could probably go queue up now and it would have been worth it... but we didn't for some reason, and half an hour earlier we got our reward. The large african (for you UN-PC users out there - black) bodyguard was back, from behind us this time and behind his broad shoulders was C.H.R.I.S.M.A.R.T.I.N..... :dead: :dead: :dead: :dead: - I have idolised this man for the last ten years of my life! I imploded and I definitely needed the toilet now. He came sauntering through a crowd of maybe fifteen of us, signing autographs, having photo's took and generally chatting to fans, and genuinely seeming interested in what they had to say, I have to say, I was IMPRESSED. it was my turn, I shook his hand, told him what an honour it was to meet him and asked kindly for a photograph to which he obliged. I passed the camera to the lead singer of 'COLDPLACE' (they're an ace tribute band from London, by the way!, played russia and everything, /shameless plug) he snapped the photo then me and chris started to shoot the shit. 'I can't wait to hear the full version of Wedding Bells on LP5' - he looks at me almost shocked and says with an air of surprise in himself 'Shit! it's not going to be on!' I was flabbergasted and replied with 'What!? why?? it was amazing at the apple keynote! I'd love to hear what Jonny could put over the top of that' he smiled and came back with 'Well, it was a bit of a sister song to Christmas Lights and since we're pretty heavily involved with that right now it took a back seat and we decided to go with Christmas Lights instead' he looked like he was thinking about it. I said 'What was the recording of it like?' and he looked excited again 'it was a bit underground like 'Christmas Lights' with the bells and the ringing piano's' - I said back 'You should definitely do something with it, the reception it's got since you played it has been amazing' 'We might release it as a B-Side or do something else with it' he replied, then going off into his own thoughts for a few seconds and signing some more autographs he came back to me and said 'shit, we should play it sometime!' to which I was like 'definitely, It would be a shame to just bin it off' and sensing that our conversation was coming to a halt I chirp in 'oh hey, I forgot to say, I was on the boat for the christmas lights shoot! check out the mince spies I won!' I show him the wallpaper on my phone and he says it's brilliant, then I tell him how I was sitting with Debs when the raffle was made and how some people thought it was fixed and he broke a broad smile and said 'there was definitely some dodgy politics going on there!' I laugh, he smiles and goes to talking to the korean girl next to me, a few moments later he's cracking out all the jokes and says to her 'So, how do I get to korea? what's the bus route and how cheap is the fare?' to which I jump in 'it's probably the number 42 bus! I see that number everywhere now!' he laughs and says 'well hey, 42 is my favourite number' and I leave him to talk it out with the korean girl.

five minutes later he's making his way back in when somebody shouts 'hey, play 'SEE YOU SOON'!' and he stops to talk to us again saying he's forgot how to play it because it has dodgy tuning, no problem, I step in 'I know the tuning, I played it at a college gig once' I tell him the tuning and remind him that there's a Capo on fret 2. he laughs and says 'Fret 2?' disbelievingly to which I just say 'well, it was on the Live 2003 DVD' we shake hands again and he saunters into the venue. GREATEST MOMENTS OF MY LIFE HANDS DOWN.





Just incase it stops working again: LINK - http://twitpic.com/3htin7



We decide after Chris has left to stick around and see if Guy is still yet to enter the building but it's clear if he is that we'll have left by then, but two minutes Later we see Jonny walking back from the coach to the stage door, having already had a photo and chatted and totally eradicated any chance of him thinking I was 'Cool' - I did what all [/s]sane[/s] men would do when he waved at me smiling. I jogged up to him and shouted 'HIGH-FIVE' and well, we high-fived, it was a lot like The Todd from scrubs but not as painfully executed! he laughed and I wished him luck for the show (also, he has an AWESOME high five!), then we really did leave for the show, when a guy called Steve who we'd been talking to before and who had been given Jonny's Plectrum taps me on the shoulder, I turn to him and he passes me the plectrum, I'm like 'what's this for?' and he just says 'You're a bigger fan than me!' I thank him endlessly and shake his hand and tell him what a nice thing that is and how generous he is, then, everything going perfectly so far, We enter the venue.


Chapter 2: The show.

And and Dec come out on the stage to rapturous applause, make a few jokes about their ill fated pop career, mention how great a cause that Crisis is and then they introduce Choir With No Name.





Just incase - http://twitpic.com/3hudce



CWNN are surprisingly good, and they don't try to pretend that they're world class singers; They are what they are and that is decent people who have had a tough time and are enjoying being given this wonderful opportunity, and they even as far as making fun of themselves, one of their members cooly steps forward and introduces himself as 'Naz' before whipping on a pair of sunglasses that even Kanye West would be proud of.


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzkI6KYp_4M]YouTube - Coldplay Crisis Newcastle 2010 - CWNN 'Naz' Funny intro![/ame]


Also during their performance I look up to the Balcony where I'd previously seen Phil again bobbing his head over the ledge now and then, but this time I didn't see Phil, I saw a beautiful, long blonde head of hair, Gwyneth Paltrow was in attendance and she was loving CWNN and really getting into the set and supporting them, dancing and clapping. Photo in the doobly-doo-pants-bar below.





After the set, which was bloody brilliant by the by, I turn to look up at the upper Tier, There's Phil chatting to two ladies, not in the box but the main upper tier, he spots me and we wave at each other, AGAIN, becoming quite pally now! :P then Ant and Dec come back out and start to make jokes at the punters excuse, Dec comes out with the outrageously hilarious 'I have to say, there are ALOT of good looking ladies in tonight, but there's some mingers as well!' - BIG LAUGHS, and they're great as ever! Video of THAT down below! :smiley:


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hl7b6g3MVZU]YouTube - Ant & Dec at Coldplay Crisis gig being funny at the audiences expense.[/ame]


Then they go on to announce the band and Coldplay enter the Fray. instantly the crowd are on their feet and within seconds the opening chords to yellow are played and we're in full swing, I won't bore you with photo's you've already seen but I did record a really funny video of chris saluting Pj & Duncan :wink:


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erwknAdEwKo]YouTube - Coldplay Yellow ending, Crisis concert at Newcastle - LETS GET READY TO RUMBLEEE[/ame]


After this Coldplay go straight into Lost and at one point Chris has Mad eyes and he's fixating them on a girl in the front row, he literally looked like he was about to murder her... but I guess he was aiming for crazy, I don't really know how else to describe it! :P his dance moves were well and truly out as he blitzed from one end of the stage to the other and wrapped a brilliant performance of the song, who needs Jay-Z, eh? hah.


God Put a Smile Upon Your Face was excellent and it was a welcomed return to the hit classic which hasn't been played in it's Rocking vibe since the days of yesteryear and since an electronic version replaced it for the VIVA tour.


The boys played Cemeteries of London (my favourite), Trouble and Glass of Water to whet the appetites of the crowd throwing themselves wholeheartedly into the concert and then they pulled off something spectacular which had the attendees of the previous concert in Liverpool at an awe.... Till Kingdom Come made it's return to a live show. Will on Piano, Guy on Harmonica, Buckland harmonising his finesly tuned guitar with will's keys, and Chris sounding good as ever after dedicating the song to Johnny Cash and his own father. sweet. Here's a video of the second chorus! :)


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cDm5mtt79I]YouTube - Coldplay - Till Kingdom Come live at Newcastle Crisis (Chorus)[/ame]


After a mind blowing performance, the boys went back to another old classic, Shiver, with Guy and Will leaving the stage it was only Chris and Johnny left to pick the audiences jaws off the floor with what was a SPECTACLE and a joy to behold in person, god knows it's a rarity in the setlist these days! Photo in the spoiler below! :smiley:





It's hard to top the last two songs these days but they damn well tried and thumped into 'In My Place' and 'Lovers In Japan' and before Chris could start 'Viva La Vida' a heckler shouted 'FIX YOU!!!!' to which the room fell deafly quiet and chris mocked whispering to will through the mic.


'Did he just say he 'Fuck you?' he jokes, the crows laugh, he continues when it goes quiet again, whispering still 'Hey Will, I think that guy said he wants to fuck you....I don't disagree with him either, but don't tell anyone, and no matter what, don't turn this mic on...' - the room love it and he breaks a laugh before VIVA kicks in and the room is wild again. Ant and Dec in their box (the same one Gwynnie and Phil were in earlier just above me) start shouting the 'OH OH OHHHH OH-OHHHH's' and the crowd get going in full swing. I've never seen this song played with such atmosphere in the room, it was incredible to experience first hand. Photo down you-know-where.





After VLV the boys went into Fix you (not 'Fuck you' as chris had jokingly misheard a fan!) and I recorded the last part of the song which was epic, or would have been if the sound in the video didn't go off after about 7 seconds... so no video for that I'm afraid, but the silver lining is that it was the only video to not work out. bah, humbug!!

have a picture instead!






After the song the band wished all the fans a safe journey home and coyly said goodnight, knowing that we know that they know that we know that they know that we know that...... whatever, they're coming back on! and a moment later they ran onto the stage and thrashed into POLITIK, which was sounding as GOOD as EVER (wtf? capitals jamie!?) and the ending was just so moving and beautiful and god... it was good! here's a cracking (or not) picture!






Now here it got interesting, because Chris started to talk and the lights went up after the song, he introduces a fan onto the stage and says he wants to ask somebody a special a "question' but he "has no idea" what that question might be... the man is about as subtle as a gun! and it's obvious to everybody what is about to go down, if you don't know, then I won't spoil it, I'll just post the video! enjoy!


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uwt9iv0Y8-Q]YouTube - Some guy proposing to his girlfriend at Coldplay Crisis in Newcastle.[/ame]


Now because of that video I was unable to get photo's of the Scientist or Christmas Lights but you've seen the videos anyway, so you know as well as I that they were great, and afterwards the band came forward for their encore bow to us, with Ant and Dec dressed in their Elvis attire from the Christmas Lights performance. photo down below.






And so that was that, well, almost :sneaky: when the lights went up I waited around a few moments until I saw Phil (my new best friend, apparently :P) come onto the stage, I called out to him and asked him if he could pass me the setlist off the stage, he kindly obliged and here it is for all to see, Chris' setlist from the centre of the stage, and it has his footprints ALL OVER IT.





oh, then my phone battery DID die, and now I'm here, writing this.

if you read all of this word for word... you need help!

:P until the next time!


Regards, Jamie.

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