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Pearl Jam


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I heard the live DVD is pretty awesome from a lot of people. Guess I should get it!


And I don't know why, but Ten is not my favorite by them, Vitalogy is more original and experimental sounding. I mean, you can't tell me Bugs is not the creepiest song you've ever heard.

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when I listen to Creed, and hear hardcore music,

creed isnt hardcore big boy


pearl jam over any grunge band


I didn't even see that. Creed? Hardcore? Yeah ... and Nick Cannon is gangsta.


Well, that's my opinion. Get over it.


Why are you even bothering to post that in a Pearl Jam thread? I am over it, and now I'm making light of it. See how over it I am? Don't worry about posting flippancies like that unless you wish to get responses like these, because telling somebody to "get over it," ESPECIALLY when you're somebody proporting the virtues of Creed in a Pearl Jam thread seems like a ill-advised use of your time.

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Pearl Jam!


This band is so awesome, they get better and better with each cd, their last one is sort of off but, it's still good. These guys have a new sound with each album, I think they'll be on tour next year for sure, and I'm going to see them if it means waiting outside ticketmaster for hours before it opens. Pearl Jam put on too good a show to pass up.

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Yes I love them Im their biggest fan!!1


Annd Iii hi, whooo hi Im so alive, so alive baby so alliiiiiive


And thats the only song I know!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:






Uh, no I kid. I've seen them live and it was awesome, certainly. Riot Act was great for like the first week and now its so terribly average, they are in a great danger of becoming so average, instead of beautifully amazing.


They are wonderful musicians, they record their albums with very little production work and with one take. So obviously this makes for a great live performance.

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same here man. I'm there for sure next time they're in Toronto.


Yea I agree, Riot Act wasn't that good, one of my favorites is on that cd though, Love Boat Captain. All their cds sound so different and really stand out in different ways. I think the best album they put out is Binaural, a lot of people would say no to this, but I honestly think this is they're best, it certainly has the best production on it. And Light Years is one of my faves. My favorite Pearl Jam song is from No Code though, Off He Goes.

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