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Pearl Jam


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Guest Grace
Ive seen bits of it' date=' I never manage to catch the whole thing...my fav Pearl Jam video would have to be Jeremy[/quote']

mine too and it is my favourite songs as well :nice:

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haha yes of course! its a brilliant song, other fav songs would have to be:



Elderly woman behind the counter in a small town

Better Man



Hail Hail




ok maybe i should stop now lol...otherwise i will mention all of their songs

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ok everyone's got their favourite yellow ledbetter version' date=' which is yours? :P[/quote']


I'll start off with my favorite version of "Black".


1995-07-11 Pearl Jam: Soldier Field: Chicago, IL


2 Sources Mix: Monkey Wrench Mono FM + CS > D7 > 3 CD-R


Sound Rating: A+











The outro guitar solo was one of my many inspirations to actually learn how to play the guitar.


Good thread everyone!

I 'll see if I have some live versions of "Yellow Ledbetter" to share next.

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Bump :D ...................Been listening to Pearl Jam all day..cant wait too see them again in November!! The thing that I love about Pearl Jam is that they constantly change their set list, so you never know what they are going to play that night. Awesome band!

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Oh man, thank God the Pearl Jam threads are back on top!


Pearl Jam have been my favorite band for a long long time. I've seen them twice now. The tour opener on May 9th was the best I've been to out of the two. Although the other time was insane back in September, because Eddie brought out Bono to do vocals with him on Rockin' In The Free World.


And when I saw U2 two days earlier, Bono brought out Eddie Vedder to do vocals with him for Old Man River. I'd say besides meeting Chris Cornell, that's gotta be my biggest rock'n'roll moment.


My favorite album by them is Binaural, Yield is the least favorite.

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