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Pearl Jam


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i wonder why there's no pearl jam thread in this forum ... don't you like them?!


i gotta admit that i only have the famous 'Ten' record and i think it is amazing!


i only new 'Jeremy' but then i bought the album and it is filled with awesome songs like 'Black', 'Alive', 'Garden', 'Why Go', 'Porch', ...


the live version of 'Alive' is even better!


i like eddie vedder's voice. it's so raspy and just good! ;)


so if you want a good piece of music just go out and buy [or download] 'Ten' by Pearl Jam! You won't regret it!

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heh, I was a huuuuge Pearl Jam fan throught the mid/late 90's. Their latest record Riot Act was simply pathetic imo. I will however buy their new album when it comes out next year.


Elderly Woman Behing the Count of a Small Town is still one of my fav tracks by them



and their cover of Crazy Mary is amazing!

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heh' date=' I was a huuuuge Pearl Jam fan throught the mid/late 90's. Their latest record Riot Act was simply pathetic imo.[/quote']



pathetic is you


i could say the same about your apparent admiration for the record ;)



Either way, anybody who hasn't seen Pearl Jam live should do so on their next tour.


And to answer the question placed by busybeeburns... My favorite version of Yellow Ledbetter is without a doubt from the Boston show on 8/29/00. Mainly because I was there :D

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man.. every pearl jam fan thaht i know loved this record... great sounds, great sounds, great lyrics..

not being a very sucessful album on charts doens't mean a shit about the quality of it.. and even more these days talking about pearl jam.. you know..

i would put it as one of best pearl jam albuns and it's hard to do, because they don'tt have bad albums

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one: I never said I was a "fan" whatsoever. I wouldn't even put then in my top 20 bands.


two: never once was the success of the album on the charts mentioned nor even considered by me. You're the one who brought that up, my friend.


three: whether or not a particular band has bad albums is merely an opnion. And it just so happens that my opinion, after purchasing this record and listening to it extensively, is that is is weak.

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I don't see how sexual orientation has any relevance whatsoever in this thread.


Unless that was just your idea of "clever" response. If so, I feel badly for you.


Rather than asking me what it is I don't find appealing about Riot Act you're just quick to start with the insinuations. Tis a shame. So much for discussion...

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Pearl Jam To Rock Reading Weekend


Pearl Jam, Franz Ferdinand and Muse are announced as the headline acts for the Reading and Leeds Festivals as tickets go on sale for the twin events.

The Kaiser Chiefs, Arctic Monkeys, The Futureheads and The Streets will also play on the main stages.


The bands will perform at both Richfield Avenue, Reading, and Bramham Park, near Wetherby, on the weekend of 25-27 August.


Other acts lined up include Belle and Sebastian, Feeder and Placebo.


More than 100,000 people are expected to flood to the festivals, paying up to £135 for a weekend pass.


Although the festivals always sell out well in advance, they have taken on greater significance this summer because there is no Glastonbury Festival this year.


Other bands to play at Reading and Leeds include My Chemical Romance, The Rakes, Dirty Pretty Things and The Subways.


US rock band Pearl Jam, fronted by Eddie Vedder, were playing at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark in 2000 when a crowd surge resulted in eight fans being trampled to death.


The band immediately cancelled the remaining dates of their European tour because they were so devastated by the tragedy, and criticised organisation at the festival, saying the deaths could have been avoided.


BBC Entertainment

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