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Sup everyone,

My friends loved the cake that i made for Chris I am so excited I'll chuck a party

Lol i dont care what the neighbours say :P


They're not rejoicing Chris, they're just eating your cake! BURN THEM!!!!


Holy fucking shit.


I can't believe this is a thread.


There's about five threads for it. EVERY YEAR.


(Exception in this case due to merging)


Last year he went to a sushi bar


I thought it was just a standard bar in Melbourne. If it was a sushi bar it better have been the one down near the cafes because that place kicks ass.

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at my radio station they only play Belgian music this week and today they said this:


'Today it's the birtday of Chris Martin and I would like to play a song of Coldplay but I can't so Chris, this one of K's Choice is for you.'


And than she played the best cover of Yellow ever made :wacky:

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your fans made very lovely videos for you



[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAooxNtyVPc]YouTube - Chris Martin from Coldplay[/ame]

by ColdplayFanAustralia



Happy Birthday Chris, you are great ;-)


off thread

unable to see my best friend and not celebrate the birthday of my best friend is also March 2, but you I hope you have lots of people celebrate you in many country

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