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Do you think 'Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall' will be on LP5?

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Off topic: I think it's great, actually, that they've released a song not everyone goes CRAAZY about. It shows that they're creating new stuff, and that they aren't afraid of producing things that won't associate to their previous material.

In the end, that is what makes Coldplay Coldplay; they never stop evolving.


OnTopic: Judging from the comments on WikiColdplay, "Further to the November 2010 Q article[2] revealing the inspiration behind Coldplay's fifth album being old school American graffiti and anti-Nazi movements, Chris Martin spoke to The Sun about some of the tracks within said album." it sounds to me as this song fits in pretty good.

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Hrmm . . . I'm kinda torn on this one.


On one hand, ETiaW was apparently a song originally on the list to be a LP5 song. It also has the graffiti-inspired artwork and carries themes of the White Rose Movement.


But, isn't this album supposed to be 'more stripped down, acoustic and intimate'? ETiaW certainly isn't any of those things, as it sounds like more like a one-time summer hit to be played at festivals and maybe concert openings. Also, I find it very suspicious that the guys haven't given us the title for LP5--I believe we knew about VLVoDaaHF as a title before Violet Hill was released.


And another thing--I heard that ETiaW is supposedly an album closer, but to me it sure doesn't sound like one. Maybe an intro track, but not a closer by any means.


I'm going to have to say most likely not, but I suppose it could be. . .

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I think that it will be, but I think the people who think it won't also have valid points.

I'd rather have this be a standalone, but in the context of the album I'm sure I'll like it at least a bit more. For some reason, when I hear singles alone I often end up feeling weird about them and/or disliking them. But when I hear them on the actual album, I see their merit. I'm just more of an album person, I guess.

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Trying not to spit hot tea all over my fellow Starbucks patrons from laughter, I choked instead. Rather loudly too. :laugh3: Hilarious.


Will the new album have a scratch & sniff cover art?




Do that! I'll buy like 100 copies!


It will be the best selling album ever....hope it's Kiwi scented.

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I really dont know if its or not the 1st single of the album!


voted yes!








there are thousends of songs sampled,but the difference is that when Coldplay does it its like :o Coldplay plagarised :lol:

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i seriously hope and pray THIS WONT be on the album, it just gives me a headache listening to it, its just a embarresing song it really is, it sounds like Ke$ha or Rebecca Black, it really does (im not trolling im just basing my opinion) i know they said "Hey listening to it, itll grow on you"...NO! i have listened to it enough, the intro seriously gives me a headache it sounds like a cat being swung by its tail and chris' autotuned voice is just...sad and is he rapping?? the only part i like is johnny's guitar and the ending..oh god..the ending...the wa-wa-waterfall...i seriously rolled on the ground laughin it was just sad..it would be a VERY...VERYYY!!! bad move putting this on the New Album, but if its on the new album, ill listen to the album illegally for the first time instead of buying right away, and comparing this song to AROBTTH is just a insult.... im sorry

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So far I've heard 2 new songs that were played at Rock im Park and they're both very upbeat, positive songs. But best of all they sound like classic Coldplay with guitars, pianos and no synths. One was 'Hurts Like Heaven' and I'm unsure what the other was called but the're both great songs. There's certainly hope for LP5 yet. It's not all overproduced electronics crap.

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don't think it's gonna be on LP5, or else they would've said so. with violet hill, they said that it is the first single off the new album. why wouldn't they say so now if this was indeed the case? i just believe it is a thing for the festivals, so they can do a new song with people recognizing it.


by the way, my name is Jonny Buckland and i know all bout this shit.

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I hope its not on the new album. Not that I don't like it....it's decent, but I was just hoping for a different feel for the new album, and if this song makes it, even if the rest of it is good, it won't flow too smoothly. Viva La Vida was amazing in the arrangements of songs, and it would be hard to work around Waterfall.

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it wont:



june 6, 2011 - submitted by Bowen, United States of America


Q. Hey Oracle!


I watched the live stream of Rock Am Ring on Saturday and loved all of it, the boys reminded me why they're my favorite band in the world. All the new songs are great.


I know that someone has said that there will be "no video" for ETIAW. So I guess my question is two-fold. First, why not? And second, does this mean that it isn't the lead single from LP5 (or even will be on it)? Thanks Oracle, you rock!





The Oracle replies:


As you rightly notice there is no video - at the moment. That doesn't mean that whoever told you there'll be "no video" is correct. There MAY be a video. There may not. Oooh I'm annoying aren't I? It must appear that everything is shrouded in secrecy right now but it's not meant to be.


I just want to clear up that no album track listing has been announced so whether ETIAW appears on the album remains to be seen and is not for me to speculate upon. Until the album is mastered and totally ready it would be pointless.

ETIAW is a single. It's irrelevant whether it's a lead single or not as the album is still a while off. A single does not have relate to an album or appear on one, it can stand alone (as Christmas Lights did) but that doesn't mean that it will or won't.

Ah sorry for being slightly cryptic guys, you know I couldn't say even if I knew (which I don't).

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I hope NOT. According to the new songs at Rock am Ring Live, I think this song is a bit outside of the group. If I were the manager, I would not release this song as a single at this time, somehow. Especially after a long break.

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the song is just okay... btw, have you guys listened to hurts like heaven? that's one of the newest songs from coldplay too.. i checked the video yesterday and it was live concert.. it's kinda weird at the first place but it was good all the way..

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