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Is Charlie Brown THE BEST Coldplay song...EVER??


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Hi, guys, I am new, but I have to agree - Charlie Brown is something special. I don't think its their best ever (objectively speaking), but it will achieve some important goals:


1) Introduce new fans to the band's greatness.

2) Give Chris & co. confidence that experiments and art maturity are not a bad thing, despite the inevitable pressure from fans.

3) Bring all the epicness of the crowd during live performances (it will gradually become the Viva La Vida of MX).


I live in a small country where Paradise is like the 'big thing', being on TV all the time, but CB was my favorite from the first day I bough the album. An absolute masterpiece, makes me feel alive and ready to conquer life. It's THE song of the message Coldplay is sending via Mylo Xyloto.

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My top 5 are:


1. Clocks

2. Poltik

3. Amsterdam

4. Strawberry Swing

5. Trouble


And Charlie Brown isn't close. I like the song, but I find it sort of boring. I agree with the poster above me that it's over produced, like a lot of MX. I like the first verse, but then it always seems to lose me. I'd say its in the top 15, but then, I'd need to think about that really.

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