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What song(s) we've heard do you think will be put on the new album?

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I know how tired everyone probably is of all the speculation. But since we still don't know anything new...and I'm curious to know...which of the new songs do you think will make it on LP5?


I mean, I don't know. I've struggled with this day and night. There's so many ways to go about it and so many different conclusions to make. There is absolutely no wrong answer here.


But I just think of it like. As much as I love Moving to Mars :cry: I really don't think any of those three songs are going to be on there. I say that because I don't realistically think Coldplay would do that to us (make us pay for music on the album that we already had to buy the first time). The only time they ever released an EP, and then included a song from it on the next album was the Blue Room and that was 12 years ago. :P I think if any of the songs will make it, it will be my least fav. but still great ETIAW. But even then, Christmas Lights was (I believe) just a one-off thing. I think they released the EP to tie us fans over until the album comes out. And if they've had literally over 50 songs to work on, there's other ones they've probably finished I'm sure and could've given us instead. But they didn't. I picture this as the best of the songs that didn't make the album. And I know Chris had mentioned ETIAW as an important song in that article a few months ago. But they said the same thing about Glass of Water and Famous Old Painters for the last album and still ended up leaving them off the album so yeah. I don't really think Princess of China will be either- it sounds a lot like something from VlV and they're always looking forwards not backwards. The only reason I think they stopped playing it live those is because of the insane bassline that drowned out the rest of the music. Probably didn't work they way they had hoped.


I am incline to believe Hurts Like Heaven, Charlie Brown, and Us Against the World will be on the album (or at the very least the first two). Hurts Like Heaven has the fuzzy man which seems really significant and is full of lyrics relating to graffiti so for me that one is a no-brainer. Charlie Brown receives such a HUGE response live I don't think they'll leave it off either. It's very anti-establishment with the riots and the running wild and freedom and in that respect reminds me of the White Rose movement they had talked about. Plus Phil had said "the crowd greets it as an old favorite, and one day it will be." So to me that's definitely saying something. For Us Against the World, it hasn't been released and maybe it won't be after all. But I don't think Coldplay will discard it if just for the fact that the Chris/Will singing piece is so exhilarating it's enough to take your breath away. This sounds like one of the older songs because they originally wanted everything stripped down (which it basically is) and based on a very personal, intimate story. Whereas the other two are a lot more fleshed out, soaring, and sound related to a mass movement. It doesn't exactly fit with Hurts Like Heaven or Charlie Brown but It's still an amazing song regardless.


Sorry I write so much and make so many threads by the way. I imagine this gets annoying after awhile. :| lol

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HLH, Charlie Brown, Princess of China.


I think Major Minus will make the album just because there's so much of its symbolism plastered over their sets/instruments/etc. But ETIAW and MTM I don't think will be on there.

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I'm betting we hear a studio version of Charlie Brown and Hurts Like Heaven even if they don't make the album. The same goes for Princess of China, since I think it could be one of those massive singalong songs that are so great. :D


As for what I'm pretty sure will end up on LP5:


Major Minus - There's stuff about it written all over their clothes and instruments

Charlie Brown - Phil mentioned in a Tweet that CB will eventually be an old crowd favorite--why would they continue to play it if it weren't included on LP5 or an EP?


And that's pretty much it. All of the other songs on LP5 are wildcards :shrug:

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I think Hurts Like Heaven, Charlie Brown and Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall will be on the album I reckon, maybe Us Against The World, I think that will be 50/50. As much as I like Major Minus i'll be disappointed if it was on the album for the reason that it will be another song we already have unless its a different version which I doubt would happen.


Also, the stage effects such as the spiral are on ETIAW and Charlie Brown and the walking man on HLH are major signs where as Major Minus and Us Against The World do not have them.


Remember that there will be very most likely another single before the new album, maybe Charlie Brown but you never know, they could put out something even better than Charlie Brown!


Edit - Hope Princess of China is on there, don't think they will leave it out, it sounds too good from what we have heard so far!

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I think I will cry (in a manly way) if it doesn't make the album :(


I would be extremely surprised if it don't. It's seems too integral to the album to be left off at this point.

1) It has the fuzzy man which may end up being the album cover

2) It has the MX precursor which has received a lot of artwork/notice.

3) It's completely about graffiti for Pete's sake. Which is the whole theme of the album and everything they've been doing it seems (along with UFO's and movements).

I don't see how it wouldn't make it on there. I would bet money on it.

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I suspect UATW and MM will both be on the album due to the "us against the world theme" as well as all the Major Minus Media stuff. I'm pretty confident MX + HLH will be the opening. Also feel like ETIAW will, unfortunately, be on the album. Charlie Brown, due to the fact Chris said one day this will be on of your favorites or w/e. I doubt MTM will be on it. PoC will also probably be on it since the band appears to not want it to be highly exposed.


Looks like I expect everything but MTM to be on it :/

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MX/HLH is 99% the opening track because of the long intro and because they've always played the opener of the album that they were promoting as the first song during their tours (Politik during the 2002/03 tour, Square One during the Twisted Logic tour and LiT during the viva tour).

Charlie Brown, seeing how it was received and Phil's post that says that it will be a classic, is very likely to be on the album too.

UAtW and MM will probably be included too.

I don't know about the other songs

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Guest howyousawtheworld

Charlie Brown and Hurts Like Heaven are certainties. Princess of China and Us Against The World I'm pretty sure will make it. ETIAW is highly questionable and the other two won't make it. Don't think we'll know anything till mid to late August. Until then I don't know if there'll be much to talk about.

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Not many of you seem to think that ETIAW will make it on LP5. But why would they ignore a song which already is a hit in many countries for the new record?


On topic. I really hope for HLH and Charlie Brown. I'm not really sure yet about PoC. Have to wait for a good quality version of the track.

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I'm realtively sure, that "Charlie Brown" will be on the LP... don't know why ;)


And "Major Minus" has good chances, too. It would be a highlight on the tour, if Chris sang it on a concert ...


And also ETIAW will be on the album, beause it's the first single out of it :D

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