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Terms and Conditions


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Has it gotten to a point where it is just acknowledged that no one reads them?


I was on the phone today setting up something with the bank and she asked me if I agreed with the terms and conditions...I was solely on phone, there was no way for me to read them. If I wanted to know them (and said I had no computer atm), would she of had to read them out to me?


But I said yes, she had no problem with that and nothing was really thought of it.

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"iTunes Terms and Conditions Section 13A: At any point in time we can come take a kidney."






Only if you're a member of the Stones!:P


^^But is that really in the agreement? :stunned: I know when reading credit card agreements, there's all sorts of interesting stuff starting around 1/2 way through, and I'm sure that's how they've gotten some people to cough up extra dough - giving just a casual glance to the terms can getcha in a jam sometimes! No doubt about it, if it's important enough, read it very very carefully and then decide. ;)

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Most T's and C's are pretty easy to scan over, you get an idea what sections are referring to and you get a sense of what it says by briefly reading over the sentences, most of which is being overly specific for every possible situation (And look very similar to other T's and C's). The more particular parts stick out once you get used to it.

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I read them. Scan most of it. Because sometimes they say they'll spam your email like a madman or give it to shitheads that will and I rather have them not spamming me. I usually don't enter contests when such things are in the T & C.


Also, why do they always have to be so loooooong :(

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