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Secret Santa 2011. Don't forget to send your card!!


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I received my card from nancyk58. :D A beautiful butterfly card and some lovely pics of Mr Buckland. :sneaky: I'll post some pics once I get my computer sorted.


Thank you Nancy.



I am so glad that my card with pics arrived - and as suspected you received it at the end of November - but better sooner than later. :)


As to the pictures I found: I was in particular fond of the picture of YOU and Mr. BUCKLAND (taken by Chloë).


Once again thank you for your heart-warming deed when taking Ryan's red mini to Coldplay (both members and staff) AND thanks for the heart-warming description of that event (Ryan's red mini meeting Coldplay). You are a TRUE STORYTELLER. I remember your description by heart :heart: and think of the story and you with gratitude. :hug:

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My Secret Santa was Texasluvsjonny and she is the most awesome and most amazing person! I'll post pics later but OMG I felt like a child at Christmas morning. AMAZING AMAZING!!!!

The only way to thank her is flying her to Croatia and giving her the biggest hug ever and she can stay at my house¨! :D

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Pictures! I forgot my camera so I had to take pics with the old one, so they are not really good!


First my mum called me 2 days ago that I got a package from USA! I knew that it was my Secret Santa but I had no idea who it was. And when I got home today it was really like Christmas monring.



And inside many many Christmassy wonders. :D



And the card, how to explain the card. I fell off my chair when I saw it.

Also Angie, my brother thanks you! He loves Christmas lights lollipops! :D

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