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What an epic song!


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I think this is actually MX's 'The Escapist' to Don't Let It Break Your Heart's 'Death And All His Friends'- like how on X&Y, Twisted Logic is the big ending song, and 'Til Kingdom Come is after the end. I reckon UWTB could've been a hidden track after DLIBYH if the album had been constructed differently.

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^ It's too short. :nod:


And after listening to it 22581271234 times, that's the only reason I continue to like Death And All His Friends more. I was lying in my bed this morning with all the lights off and the third stanza began (but especially the 'Then taking back the punch I threw / My arms turn wings oh those clumsy things . . .') and it just hit me as to how incredibly beautiful this song really is.

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The end of this song is so uplifting... beginning with the guitar riff, transitioning into the "might have to go..." part, and ending with the great line: "A simple plot, but I know one day, good things are coming our way"


I feel like that last line sums up the beauty of Coldplay's music. It recognizes the shit in life and the hard moments but, at the end of the day, there is a sense of uplift and optimism in the face of all these challenges.


It's why the band is my all time favorite.

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