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Singles from Mylo Xyloto


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All of them except Major Minus can actually go as singles.

Hurts Like Heaven with MX, Charlie Brown, Us against the World, U.F.O. (short but strong), Princess of China, Up in Flames, AHT+Don't Let it Break your heart, Up with the birds... they ALL have the power to be successful as singles!

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They will probably release 5 singles at most.


With 2 already being released (ETIAW, Paradise)


The Next 3, imo, will be:


Charlie Brown - Fan, media favourite...a hit

PoC - Rihanna

HLH - it has that feel to it...and it's too good not to be a single


I think they will be released in that order as well.

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first off - DLIBY will not be a single, guaranteed - it's a part of the 3 track close - and honestly don't see the commercial appeal for it compared to others on the album - yeah, it may do well among the coldplaying community


ETIAW was a great lead off single, it's a great and fun song, frankly i think it's a well produced track

Paradise - another great idea/single to show the new evolved Coldplay (or at least that Coldplay can do different genres so to speak)


Honestly it could be either Charlie Brown (which is going to be massive, I thought the live version sounded too simple to be a standout single, but the studio version is just amazing, and will be a worldwide hit)


The other single would be Princess of China - even without Rhianna it's an amazing track, and the production is another evolution of the Coldplay sound (the guitar distortion riff w/ harps, syncopated synth beats) - everytime I hear the song it gets me pumped up, and i love the variation on the song structure. Plus w/ Rhianna on board, it will sell big time, but honestly her voice works on the track and don't think Coldplay did it with intention of selling singles (they've already sold so many, it's not like they need the cash, and are a washed up band).


As for the next potential singles if they are more than 4 - I think HLH is a definite possibilty, it's different enough but catchy enough to appeal, plus love the vocoder fx and all the little blips/bleeps on the track - feel like they would have to include MX to intro, so I see this less likely getting released (can't imagine a radio edit of it, truthfully, btw the Paradise radio edit defeats the whole song, and the build up).


UATW is kind of like the Fix You of the album, and is another possibility - it would definitely sell, but i have a feeling that they'll keep that one for the album, although a big theme of the album is fighting negativity, and closing ranks to do such - Coldplay is Mylo Xyloto, and this song would represent that idea - plus it's a damn amazing song - love the organ/guitar intro, and the lyricism/vocal melody is sublime.


As for the others - don't thinks so, UFO (definitely not, too short), Major Minus (don't think so, they already put it on the EP, and I do feel it is a bit jarring after ETIAW, but then again, if this were vinyl, we would have an intermission of sorts flipping the vinyl, love the track, but don't think it's getting released)


As for the last two trax - as mentioned before they're meant to be a cohesive unit, not singles, and for the purity of the album, don't see either of them being released. They're sort of the White Shadows (not a full release)/Swallowed in the Sea/Amsterdam/AROBTTH of the album


Anyway, the album has more than lived up to my expectations, i can never doubt these guys (except for when Chris sings World on UATW, what is that, that really annoys me, please tell me there's a real finalized mastered version without that)

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ETIAW and Paradise are already singles


I guarantee PoC will be one, probably released around the time of one of the major awards shows so that Coldplay can play it on stage with Rhianna (I highly doubt they collaborated to never play it live together)


Charlie Brown is just too strong to not be a single


So that leaves probably only one more spot amongst the rest. I'd eliminate DLIBYH, UWTB, UFO, and Uif as not really singles kind of songs. Eliminate MM since it was coupled with ETIAW, so that leaves HLH or UATW for the last spot realistically. I think they'd go with UATW since none of the other 4 are anything like it, UATW being much slower and intimate and yet potentially a huge song.










That sounds about right.

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Can someone please explain me the idea with singles coming after the album is released? I haven't really got it.. I thought a single was a foretaste on a new album and not something coming after??

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My List

1. Every Teardrop is a Waterfall

2. Paradise

3. Princess of China (just because of rihanna)

4. Don't Let it Break Your Heart

5. Charlie Brown


quite frankly (i think i am the only one who thinks this) i could do with a few b-sides BUT... i love the single artwork more than anything ever, i just want the single artwork for as many songs as possible

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- ETIAW: sell sell sell using a terrible pop song

- Paradise: sell sell sell with a similar to everything what's in the top 40 terrible song

- PoC: sell sell sell featuring a famous pop singer



I see a pattern in here


I'd rather to see CB, HLH and UATW as singles.

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