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Which song are you looking forward to seeing live that you haven't seen yet?


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I thought this thread was going to be about all their songs, not just the new stuff.

I don't know... Maybe PoC. It's interesting that so many people voted for DLIBYH. Can someone elaborate and not just say the title?


If this thread was about all songs, I gotta say I'm torn between two options.

When I know I'm not going to see them live, I like it when they perform less popular songs and not repeat the same concert over and over again.

But when I think of a setlist I would like to see live, it ends up being mostly their biggest hits. I can't imagine them performing some obscure song instead of a better (and more popular) one like Clocks. :|

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Oh what is it with Swallowed in the Sea? Easily the worst song in their discography.


I believe the worst song is "One I Love". I cannot stand it whatsoever.


I really want to hear the A Hopeful Transmission-Don't Let It Break Your Heart-Up With The Birds combo live. I bet it will sound great.

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i chose DLIBYH because its so lovely, it might be my favorite from the album as well. and it made me emotional when I heard it the first time. So i can just imagine how amazing it will sound live! i


I also would love UWTB though, whenever i hear DLIBYH, i gotta hear UWTB right after :P

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