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myloxyloto.com (the site for the digital tourpack? links to wristbands)


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we get a dvd for this album


not for vlvodaaohf




Creo que este disco tiene más potencial para un DVD que VLVODAAHF, las canciones suenan mejor en vivo, como ejemplo Charlie Brown y Hurts Like Heaven :)


I think this album has a greater live DVD potential than VLVODAAHF did because almost all of these songs sound better live than they do on record, for example Charlie Brown or Hurts Like Heaven :)

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Well, it could be real, if it could bend time.


Or it's operating from the Berber calendar.


Or it could be real and the EMI people are just dumb and don't know how to read a calendar. But we know EMI is definitely NOT full of bankrupt morons. OH WAIT


haha, very true!

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What?? Why? Their GPASUYF was amazing! And their Violet Hill! And the way Chris sang Viva was different- he wasnt holding back. And the Up In Flames and Till Kingdom Come! Plus the way they sang Paradise!


Why dont you like it?? :(


I thought that too! Regrettably, I didnt watch it live, but the bits I saw were amazing such as Up In Flames and Til Kingdom Come!

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I was joking about the MX movie suggestion. But come to think of it, hasn't Chris said that he wanted it to be a movie, or something along the lines of that? Hmmm...


Yeah, that was the plan but they were told it would take 5 years to make. So they scrapped it, that was why Charlie Brown started on an Accordion and not a guitar. :laugh3:

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