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myloxyloto.com (the site for the digital tourpack? links to wristbands)


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and Coldplay decided it would be a good idea to feed the troll by putting the website address on thousands of wristbands :p


I did not see that coming. :lol:


OK, but what are they waiting for... Dec 4th AND 5th are almost over. :confused:


And why do I care about this so much. :blank:

Maybe cos I have a test tomorrow and I'm procrastinating. :(

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depends where you live :lol:


I'm just an hour ahead of you. 9 PM here.


Everyone keep your glass slippers* on and don't loose them till midnight! And Don't Panic! :D


*I mean wristbands. :lol: I wants a wristband. :( My precious...

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At the end of this day wristbands will activate and conquer all the persons who are wearing them: so they will dominate their minds and then they will start to destroy the world in the sacred name of "CarKids".


-OU GAD, it's starting already! :o Save me from myself...

-All hail the Illuminated bands a.k.a. The Bends a.k.a. Radiohead. :confused::confused::confused:

-OMG Radiohead is (con)trolling us! :lol:

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i've just looked at mx.com at the moment for a thousand time... and nothing.

so i go to sleep.

if mx.com will update, let me know boys, let me know


Wow, that didn't seem disillusioned at all... :D


LoL, no no no I am not the owner of this website !! :inquisitive:


But, you're not denying that you're MJ?

MICHAEL I LOVE YOU! I knew you didn't die. :cry:

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I'm curious: has someone who has been to the last 2 concerts has tried to add the code they got from the wristband to the URL ? :rolleyes:


Maybe nothing happens because the one who was in charge just...forgot...nah that can't be right.

Or...OK, Radiohead or U2 fans, COLDPLAY is the best band in the world, get over it already & stop trolling !

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I clicked right with the mouse in Firefox: That's page info:




The official Coldplay website, featuring all the latest news, gigs, blogs, interviews, pictures and videos. Mylo Xyloto released October 24.

Coldplay, Mylo Xyloto, Mylo, Xyloto, Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman, Will Champion, Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends, Gigs, Tickets, Shows, Concerts, Lyrics, Discography, Biography, photos, Members, Timeline, merch, merchandise, t-shirts, a rush of blood to the head,, music, video, videos, tour, touring, tour dates, tour date, live, vinyl, CD, Yellow, Trouble, Clocks, Fix You, Speed of Sound, In My Place, Oracle, official lyrics


Slender Fungus

Coldplay: Unstaged

Coldplay: Unstaged

Coldplay: Unstaged

Coldplay: Unstaged

Coldplay: Unstaged





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