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Sex and Violence/Car Kids


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What? How could a Coldplay song be named "Sex and violence"? I'd rather listen to full versions of AHT e MX.



Friend: Hey what are you listening to?

You: Coldplay.

Friend: Oh cool what song?

You: "Sex and Violence."

Friend: ....wut


edit: oooh hey look at my post count :D

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Coldplay and the words "sex" & "violence" still can't go in the same sentence. Not possible haha. That'd be way too weird.

A song called "Charlie Brown" and an other one called "Sex and violence" can't go on the same record either.

:nod: you're right,there will never be a coldplay song called "sex & violence"

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It's not really a single: it's a(n extremely) limited vinyl release for the Record Store Day. I'm surprised they put it in the Recordings section on Coldplay.com, they usually don't do that for that kind of release. I mean, is it the first time they do that kind of release ? I thought they already did something like that years ago, didn't they ? :thinking:

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