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Will Coldplay release new song(s) alongside the release of Charlie Brown Single?


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^That's because of issues they have with streaming serviec or something. But I don't think that has anything to do with new songs.


And this:

No, I don't think that CB will have a B-side. There is no official info about that.

In fact, it appears that it would take a miracle for them to release the CB single at all.:whip:


Come on guys (I'm speaking to Coldplay), CB can be Clocks 2012! You know that! Here's your Grammy for next year, come on! :bigcry:

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CB-clocks 2012?


no way!


I mean that CB has a very high level of epicness. And it has the potential to become one hell of a hit. And it's already one of the fans favorite on the album. So, that's what I mean when I say CB can be Clocks 2012 (or 2012 Clocks, that might be more correct).

You don't think so ?

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I'm pretty confident that the next single we get will have a B-Side, whether it's Princess of China or Charlie Brown. They seem to have left quite a few songs that they were really happy with off the album simply because they didn't fit. I think it's quite possible that we'll see the release of these songs in some way, shape, or form. Then we have that bit of news a while back about the band allegedly working on recording something new, so there's always that at least.

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