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Will Coldplay release new song(s) alongside the release of Charlie Brown Single?


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Yeah, he isnt as bad as Liam but I think they always have and always will have the tendency to be complete and utter dickheads. They're very petty and childish. I also think that they are overrated as artists.


They are the epitome of rock and roll, and they wrote the greatest first two albums of any band ever - even better than Coldplay. Noel was the brains of it, but Liam was the face and he was just as important in getting them signed.


As for Noel Gallagher being a dickhead... Firstly, he was so high on coke during the 90s, he didn't really know what he was saying. Secondly, I openly welcome anyone to say what they think about people in the industry - your opinion included; you haven't held back, you've called two complete strangers dickheads. It's refreshing not to hear arse-licking from someone in the charts; sure, everyone owes someone something, but be honest and say what you think for God's sake. And thirdly, who cares what Noel's like as a person? He's one of the greatest songwriters ever, if Chris Martin wants to work with him, he's got every right to.

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I think we all NEED something new. This album is getting a little old after listening to every song so many times.


Mylo Xyloto is still fresh for me, and I'm not tired of it.

However I agree that it's time to release some new songs, and at least a new single (6 months since Paradise)...

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Today many artists don't release propper singles, they just say "this is our new single, here's a video to promote it, now buy it on iTunes", that happened to Lovers In Japan, it didn't work at ALL, but it's working for CB.


If they do this then I hope they give us an EP this year.

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