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Vote for Coldplay - MTV Musical March Madness (SECOND ROUND! Coheed & Cambria vs. Coldplay)


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First round: Coldplay vs Arctic Monkeys! COLDPLAY WON :D

Second round: Coldplay vs Coheed & Cambria


Let's vote guys!



You can vote as many times as you want, and no registration needed or anything :)


EDIT: Direct link for the second round


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Yes, now everybody do this until your mouses start squealing! :freak:


But what's the point, Adele's gonna win in the end. :mean:

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It would be weird if Adele would win since you can't vote for her :P


OMG no Adele. :wideeyed:


OK so I'm looking, I'm looking... a band, another band, another band..... Ke$ha. :|

Very few solo artists, one of them said "artist". This list is a sham. :no: I dunno who has the biggest chance to win. Maybe U2.

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