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[5-May-2012] Coldplay @ KROQ Weenie Roast, Irvine, CA, USA


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^^ I love it too :smug:


I'm not sure who gets more of his love...Gwyn, Jonny or that piano stool,lol!:wink3:


:laugh3::laugh3::laugh3: Good question!


I was there tonight...lamest crowd ever. I came right before Offspring was supposed to be on but then had to endure what seemed like 5 hours of just noise noise noise. By the time Coldplay came on a lot of people were leaving or really drunk and tired. During ETIAW, I'm pretty sure Chris saw the aisles filled with people leaving and got a little sad which was is probably why he ran off so quickly. I'm not sure why they decided to play at this festival. Really not their crowd...but oh well. They were amazing and I'm glad I got to see them again.


I was there tonight and yes, the crowd SUCKED. People had been drinking all day and by the time they came out, everyone was tired. I felt so bad because I could tell Chris was getting frustrated with the crowd. Anyway, I had so much fun! It seemed to take forever for the boys to come out but I was very happy with how long their set was. I had a pretty decent seat and I will post my pictures soon. I guess that's about it, they did amazing like always :)


I loved the stream. And I loved how Chris seemed to draw so many in, considering the drunk, tired nature of the crowd. But yes. I have to ask myself: Who booked them for this one and why did someone think it was a good idea?? It wasn't a good fit for Coldplay at all! Glad they had a lot of loyal fans there to send the good vibes. But, should they have even been there? Odd.


Well, I didn't watch the show because I needed to sleep for some kind of an exam I had this morning... Not to say that I really didn't want to get spoiled since there are just 16 days missing to the concert I'm going to :wacky:

Anyway, it really is weird that they were chosen for that kind of festival... Maybe the organizers, thinking them to be famous, believed they would've been able to drag the crowd into their music... Or maybe they just wanted to make the show more famous, and inviting Coldplay, of course, would've satisfied this need... But still, if it's for metal music, it's a nonsense... :shrug:

I hope that when they accepted they were conscious of this; I'm sure they did their best and some of those who weren't too tired or drunk even enjoyed it, but if the majority were uncaring or pissed off, they mustn't feel upset, they've got nothing to blame themselves for.

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I hope that when they accepted they were conscious of this; I'm sure they did their best and some of those who weren't too tired or drunk even enjoyed it, but if the majority were uncaring or pissed off, they mustn't feel upset, they've got nothing to blame themselves for.


Well see the thing is, they didnt know they were gonna come on the late. Reading the above posts i guess the Silversun Pickups made the show late, and the offspring had to go and play some long as fck set. I mean if i was chris i would be pissed too, i dont blame him if he is/was. The crowd wast the best, and this may go down as the worst Coldplay crowd EVER, but you can tell they gave their all. (Cue "I Gave You All" by Mumford and Sons) But on some of the bigger songs, some of the crowd was into it like you said some who werent drunk or tired enjoyed it. The concert bill makes the crowd whos coming, if theyre is only one band that doesnt fit the genre, more people are gonna come for the other bands and that wasnt their bill.

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Our guys did a stellar job! Before they came on, I had posted a few times on live chat my concern over the type of audience there, but this wasn't the first time they've played to an audience that wasn't completely theirs, and, I think, all in all, Chris did a great job of trying to pull them out of their drunken, tired stupor, and there were enough fans there to make it...ok...in the end. (That was a long sentence.) The time delay was so irritating and rude, but I'm glad they didn't cut CP's time. They gave it their all, and they nailed it, but they need to work on who they book and how to manage their time schedule next time. Good job guys!!

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Coldplay and KROQ have a special relationship that goes back to 2000, when they played their first gig for KROQ at Almost Acoustic Christmas. KROQ is the LA radio station that gave Coldplay their big break into getting in the LA radio market. They have done many many shows affiliated with KROQ, and I think they will go out of their way for KROQ when they can. The Weenie Roast is traditionally held in June, but was changed this year to accommodate Coldplay's schedule. There actuality were a lot of Coldplay fans there and lots of singing and dancing where I was - In Front of Jonny, Row P. But there were a lot of people who weren't. I did talk to some guy on the way out though, who was blown away by their performance. He said he hadn't planned on staying for them, but did and loved it. So maybe this performance will bring make more fans out of people who weren't. The boys were awesome as usual, as you who watched the stream saw. But something must have been wrong at the end, with them not doing the bow, an just leaving the stage. I had fun though, and thats what they aim for. My ears are still ringing, I think it's from Pennywise, not a fan. I liked The offspring and wish I could have enjoyed Incubus more, but I was beat by then. I did get a few pictures.

















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Great pics Dianne. You are the luckiest person on earth I think. :D It's good to know we might have some converts out there in the fanbase! I agree about their being something fishy in Denmark with the ending and why Chris left so abruptly.

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Coldplay was incredible! I started at the lawn, and that was HELL. Pennywise caused basically everyone around me to get rowdy and fight, smoke, and get drunk. Some guys thought it was ok to start a bonfire right in the middle of the crowd and start dancing around it.

Pennywise caused the show to run longer than it should have. But some of these bands were pretty good. I was soo thankful that my cousin got me tickets at the terrace for Incubus and Coldplay. I thoroughly enjoyed them. I know the crowd sucked, but what do you expect from a bunch of drunk, tired Californians when most aren't really fans of Coldplay anyway?

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I am just happy that they came to Irvine, of all places! My hometown! It's the closest thing to having them play in my backyard. :D


I would have given anything to be able to meet them in person, in fact any of the bands would be fine. Dianne, you are one lucky person to be able to go to their concerts and see the band soo much.

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In My Place








MX/Hurts Like Heaven








The Scientist



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Viva La Vida







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Next video from the stream:


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7r2tZ7q-ug8]Coldplay - Yellow with NEW INTRO (KROQ Weenie Roast 2012) - YouTube[/ame]


More tomorrow.

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