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OMG that;s awesome <3 I'd love to do that!


At the concert I went in december in Rotterdam, there were a few people in front of the line who indeed entered the building way earlier than everybody else. And we were like WHYYYYY!??!?! We thought maybe because it was raining that we could go in early, but now I understand what probably the reason was.. :P

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From what I read from the reports and reviews concert-goers wrote up, the first 15 people or so queuing were asked to help (it looks there are more than 15 people in the photo Jason tweeted).



My guess would be they need a bigger crew to accomodate the increased number of bands for the stadium gigs. After all, these shows are about 3 or 4 times larger than the indoor gigs.

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Jason Regler ‏@Jayreg1969


Silly people breaking wristbands !!!!



OMG! I was there and this is so true, I'm so embarrassed they noticed. Before the concert, at one point you could hear distinctly the noise of people breaking the wristbands. They were all trying to make them work before the concert :rolleyes:.

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Picture from NICE :)

3.48 PM



At home weather beautiful!! thanks for bringing me home boys!! back to Turin tomorrow get see kids later :) so happy :) beautiful day :)

3.11 PM


Wants a copy of the Nice Matin!!

5.10 PM




And a shitload of mentions inbetween to Dany, Kristal, and somebody named Astrid :lol:

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Jason Regler ‏@Jayreg1969


Italy what a great crowd :) that was fun !!


(I'm not sure which time zone you guys post tweet times from...)


EDIT: I'm glad to hear Jason say this since quite a few on Twitter were almost apologetic about the crowd. :))

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