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The Coldplaying Scrapbook III


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I'll give Billy's address first then. And he can send it to MaxRide then, when we get her address.


Just, I am not sure what you mean with "Whenever someone does send it to me, try sending it on a day so that it gets to me on Sat... Trust me"


Is the scrapbook otherwise getting lost? I don't think it is possible to send it so that you know on which day exactly it arrives. Usually they give a timespan in which it can arrive.

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Well I know that it takes a letter 4 days to get to Sweden and Belgium so I was hopeing someone could plan it that way. Reason being is I'm only free on Sat. and I'm not home and there's a lot of crap going on where I live and i dont want it getting stolen :wreck:

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Hello again! :cheesy:


I've finished my 2 pages, wooo! :dance:






^ the dots on the Coldplay confetti in the middle are actually neon pink, blame my sucky scanner...




And these are from Olivia :)








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I was at summer camp; that's why I wasn't replying to anything for three weeks.


Sorry, guys! :P I'm home now...but Thalia, could you send the book to Timewarp (if it takes less than 2 weeks to send something from Germany to the US)? I'm going to Canada on Tuesday, and staying in Canada for two weeks...so packages will be slightly inconvenient.

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This scrapbook keeps getting more awesome.


I'm really glad it made it there in one piece. Sorry for our boring stamps; I was going to put some of my musical stamps on there but the woman was like 'that'll need pretty much all your Coldplay stamps' and I couldn't part with them :uhoh:

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God damn it the stamp thing was my idea: I wanna see foreign stamps and crap :angry: Andbes my name is Billy haha

I knuuuuww I'm sorry :bigcry:


I didn't see what stamp the post woman put on my package because she was hiding it from me behind the counter :dozey: I hope it was a nice one..

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Book is all sealed up and ready to be posted; sorry it has taken me a while. I will post it as soon as I can get to an open post office (apparently our local one has shut?) So it will be at the latest leaving me on Monday.




Here are my pages:






WOW!!! This is amazing! :amazed: You're a true artist :)

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Just be patient, oversea shipping can take very long :nice:


Sooo the Scrapbook is just about to start it's USA leg?... Just as Coldplay is just finishing up here in the US... lmao :laugh4: #scrapbookchasesColdplay

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