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Top 5 Mylo Xyloto songs


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Every Teardrop is a Waterfall - I remember how shocking was to hearing this song for the first time. I was like "Whoaaa even knowing that VLV had such a different vibe comparing with the first three albums , I was never expecting something like that. But this was the first song for the new album and like a major coldplayer I listening the song over and over again. Then i was starting to fall in love with the song, though in some parts the lyrics was little cheesy for me, they´re so catching and the song in my opinion has such a "feeling good" vibe like any other of their songs before...suddenly the song become one of my all time favorites. And for me this song has one of the best Johnny guitar solos EVERRRRRR


The video clip was AWESOME too.


- Hurts Like Heaven - Almost the same feeling that i have with Every Teardrop is a Waterfall. And for me is the best intro of any album ( with Politk being my second favorite intro) or concert until now the band has ever had.


- Charlie Brown - This song have it all, great lyrics, amazing vocals, guitars,drums, cbass, piano ending. This song was really though to put on the third place, sometimes i think this deserve the first, but I have huge appreciation for ETIAW and HLH, so i had to put this two first.


- Up With the Birds - If Hurts Like Heaven is their best intro song for any album they released before, "Up With the Birds" is the perfect ending for MX. Listening to the album for the first time was like "What a crazy ride i just had pass through", some songs wast amazing, some was "WTF moments", but "Up With the Birds" is the moment on that album where I know that this still is Coldplay, this still is the band that i fall in love to, the´re still my heroes.


Us Against the World - For me this song has one of the most beautiful lyrics of the band... But for me the melodie remembers too much "Til Kingdom Come" and just feel out of place in the album. But i still like very much.


PS: Sorry for my terrible English.

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