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Ahahahahahahahahahahaha they just took Muse's "Madness" (which sucks) and changed maaaadneeeessss to maaaaagiiiiiic


...I will go back into my hole for another 3 years now.


That's bit of an exaggeration. But I can see why some will not like it. It has a well defined R&B vibe..

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Moderately like the first half but really love the second half starting at 2:30. Looking at Midnight and Magic (very different than each other), looks like the album will be very varied. I'm hoping they have a bit of jazz mixed in there somewhere! The album cover is pretty awesome, very soothing. It's looking like this album won't have very many grand tracks compared to previous ones.

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Your look is magic, your voice is magic to me

You’re just like a vision, I’m waiting for you every night

Just as i fall asleep

I want you in my dreams, I want you in my life

You’re the one for me

I’ll love you long time


I’ll love you long time

I’m the luckiest man in the world

When ever I’m with you

I’m addicted to you, I’m addicted to your love


You’re my sun, I’m your sky

Shine on my way

You’re runnin’ at a different speed

Your heart beats in double time


Oh God, these lyrics. Lol. Still make me laugh.


Anyways, I really love Magic. Took a listen or two, but it's so goddamn good.

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