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[19-May-2014] Royce Hall, Los Angeles, USA


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I got 2 $87 tickets, it never loaded on my laptop but the ticket master app worked! what section is BRCOR?


Strangely the iphone app worked right at 9, but neither my iPad or computer would work until a few minutes later. I managed to score orchestra tickets through the app!

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I tried for a long time on the app and on two computers and nothing. I finally got 2 through the app. I got row C of the right section. Would've liked the center but I'm lucky enough to have gotten any at all.

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Im done trying, you guys who got tickets are extremely lucky. Have a great time for all of us who didn't get tickets :).


Apparently I have 72 hours to return my tickets. Keep checking in the next few days.


In the meantime, if anyone has an extra ticket up close, I'll buy it from you at a premium, or donate the amount over face value to a charity of your choice. PM me.

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where is the center section anyone know??? those are the tickets we got


Center is the center section of the orchestra section (right in front). I also got center section row H. Soo excited to see them. Unfortunately I was only able to get a single ticket. Did anybody get seats nearby; it would be nice to actually know people around me, although I totally dont mind going solo.

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