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[1-Jul-2014] Royal Albert Hall, London, UK

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I dont get it, everyone here is trying to get into the website, then in 20 minutes the system says sold out even though we havent gone through there yet. Like what????

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Your request has been placed in a queue


Coldplay tickets have now sold out


This site is currently receiving very high volumes of traffic. You're seeing this holding page because we've reached the maximum number of transactions we are able to handle at one time.


You are being held at this holding page until a space on the booking page becomes available.


Your request will be re-attempted automatically in 12 seconds.



B*stards! Like so many others, I didn't even get to a ticketing page after queuing for so long. Gigsandtours have once again proven how crap a ticketing system they have.



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This is truly the worse website I´ve ever attempted to buy tickets at...at least before I always managed at get to the page. Here no chance at all. Astounding! Especially as they KNEW how many people were going to go for tickets, they should have made much better preparations...

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Damn, i had a ticket in my basket when i clicked "purchased" the next site didn't load and everything crashed, i guess i lost it.


Same here :( I'm living the Paris sale again :(

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Have you seen them on the other sites now ? - £2500 !!!!! Greedy people.


Wasted tickets. They can't be used without the card holder there!


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