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Coldplay on Jimmy Fallon (May 6th)


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I think I read a rumor about that somewhere! Who knows! That vinyl art looks awesome though



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ASFOS is the 2nd single. It's taking off on radio already.


PS: finally crossed the 2000 posts mark.

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Why would they release a single after the album?



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I think the third single will come out in late summer. No one knows which song it will be. We'll have an idea when we hear the album.

I personally want Midnight to become a proper single .

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Nowadays, a proper single, is just a song with solicited radio airplay and has a video.


No, a single still retains it's definition. It's just the format that has changed. Today singles are usually sold on digital, rather than CDs or Vinyls. Radio releases and music videos have nothing to do with it.

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