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[2016-06-26] Coldplay Headline Glastonbury 2016

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I am a bit sad that no old classic was pulled up for this...just the regular tour set, shortened for the C-stage part and a few other songs.

I think it was to be expected since this appearance is in the middle of the tour.

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Seriously, why?! Lets just add Violet Hill or Politik and that Performance was absolutely sublime!

Because It's the first tour that I feel the show so disjointed (without a proper flow), full of useless things and I feel the music very sacrificed. Even during the MX tour I loved to see them live, now I don't feel any emotion

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Didnt the Glastonbury audience always get the old classics the years before? Sometimes there must be changes and the guys Do it right.


Yeah, but there are dozens of old classics to choose from, so it would not have to be a repetition..

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