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Ticket Exchange / Face Value Sales

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I'm looking for Frankfurt standing tickets, one for the 30th and one for the 1st. Would either buy them at face value, or swap with my two standing tickets for Hannover :)

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Looking for:

- 2 standing tickets for Frankfurt (01/07)

- 2 tickets for Dublin


DM me if you have anything that might correspond! Thank you :kissing_heart:

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Hi everyone, I have FOUR EARLY ENTRY GA tickets for Paris on Sunday July 16, that I would like to TRADE/EXCHANGE for FOUR (GOOD) CATEGORY 1 (SEATED) tickets on the SAME DAY. Let me know if anyone has any leads!
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I still need to get rid of 1 GA ticket Munich (Stehplatz Innenraum). Selling it for below face value now since time is so short and I'm worried I might be stuck on it: 90 EUR plus postage.

I'd be very grateful if I find a taker...o_O

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