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New Team Member (November)


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Thanks all.


I was actually afraid my strong opinions would deter me from ever joining this team. I think i've actually got one infraction to my name, and plenty more close-to-infractions I bet! I'm over the moon to be joining the team of a forum which i've been on for over 10 years. In that time, i've always wondered what it would be like to be part of the behind the scenes, but never knew how I'd go about even asking. A few days ago I was talking to Gai about suggestions in the MM subforum and my chance came and I asked him if they ever needed help there. The initial answer was that they weren't looking right now, but fast forward to this morning when Marc gave me the message that he'd like to add me to the team.


Clearly I love this band, I love this forum and i'm so appreciative of those who run it. Whether I was put on this team officially or not, I think I would still be doing what I do for the forum and posting info, and sharing media. So to put my name on the roster like that was huge for me. Thanks again to Marc and the warm reception from my new team and fellow posters.

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Congrats jc90! Good to see someone who's been around awhile and actively contributing for all our benefit get some recognition and joining the team here. You truly deserve it jc90! :D


Yeah, now i've lost my >10 years coloured name badge and got this purple team member one!

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