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Top 3 songs? :)

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Top 3 - truly special, memorable songs

1. Amazing day

2. Birds

3. Up&up

Middle of the pack - starting from great to just good

4. Army of one

5. Fun

6. Everglow

Bottom half( note: I don't hate any song on this album) - starting from just good to ok



9. Hymn for the weekend


Songs I will not rank

-Both interludes

- x marks the spot (it's not a bad hip hop song at all, in fact if it came on as an interlude on drakes take care I'd probably jam to it, but it's just not Coldplay to me, so I won't rank)

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I still am seeing AHFOD as one full song. It will split up in my head with time hehe


The song I tend to get a bit bored of though when it comes up is Amazing Day so far. Color spectrum is a cool little interlude but as I listen to the album while I walk outside it turns into just static in my crap earphones hehe


The others I equally look forward to hearing.

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1. Birds (#7 on my all time Coldplay list, so beautiful, Oldplay + Newplay combined, just.. :D)

2. Amazing Day (So energetic, powerful, beautiful, soaring, gorgeous!)

3. Everglow (beautiful nice little piano ballad, not the best out of Coldplay but nice nonetheless)


4. Up&Up (Ignoring the production as much as possible, if the studio version was exactly like the live version it'd be #1 on this list)

5. A Head Full Of Dreams (Groovy bassline, similar to Thing's I Don't Understand, great guitar work, really solid as a whole)

6. Adventure Of A Lifetime (awesome guitar riff, catchy, groovy, as it goes on it gets better, really experimental by Coldplay, as a whole solid track)

7. Fun (as amazing as it is, there's just 6 better songs above this one. The intro guitar is one of the best things I've heard from the band, so moving, as a whole a really solid track, a bit poppy though (to be expected), getting some real Tove Lo vibes from it, solid track overall)


8. Army Of One (Bridge between the great and the okay songs on the album. Catchy, great Fix You organs in the backgrond, like the experimentation with the vocal effects, but really there's like no variation at all, it's the same thing over and over again, and the melody itself is good but not great. Drags on, even though it's short.(

9. Hymn For The Weekend (Great piano, very experimental of the band to try a track like this out, not your usual radio song, sounds very different and experimental with the trumpets, however it's just a little too popyy, even though the lyrics don't refer to actually getting drunk and high they're still really bad compared to Coldplay's older works, but hey, there needs to be some of those lyrics in a club song :D)

10. X Marks The Spot (Good track, very experimental of the track to try out hip-hop, awesome vocoder effect, CM's vocals fit the hip-hop theme perfectly, and a solid hip-hop track, the lyrics are MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH better than most hip-hop tracks, but as a Coldplay track the lyrics suck, song overall isn't very strong, one of Coldplay's worst songs, yet it's stil a good track, this could have been left as a b-side. No reason to even make it a hidden track.)


Holy! I actually managed to make concise yet complete reviews! Imagine that!! :D

Last three got a little long, but that's just my natural tendency when I review something... :D


EDIT: Oh yeah, there's 10 full songs on the album, not 9... sorry about that Army Of One XD

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