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What are you eating?

Coldplay or Chocolate?  

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  1. 1. Coldplay or Chocolate?

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Haha, doesn't it make you nauseated eating so much sweets? :o

Yes, it does. I was overreacting because I do love chocolate <3

to explain...I am currently on a diet. Actually i overate again today :( but it is somewhat working and I have lost some weight. Cakes are difficult to fit into my diet plan... :(

I know what your talking about. I stopped eating some delicious food because I was gaining weight. Today someone in my family decided to eat cake and as we don't eat it that often I thought it was good to eat a slide :)

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I'm eating some marzipan sticks that are supposedly typical for Easter in Norway. But damn, I'm starting to think that I'd rather choose this over chocolate eggs, seriously. :joy:


Have anybody ever tried eating them before and do you know them at all?


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