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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear that coldplay song?


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Nice comment on PoC!


Very strong lyrics that are beautifully sung. I feel those lyrics are like a normal conversation? Like I could imagine a person in real life having this conversation and saying those lines without the intention of quoting this song, I guess that's the reason why I can relate to it so easily?


Postcards from far away.



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I imagine being somewhere on a rainy night. The month before I became a Coldplay fan this is one of the songs I heard on the radio and I genuinely thought that I would like the band since a few other songs I liked, turns out I did.

One problem with the song though, it's good no doubt about that but it's one of those songs that.. you kind of yawn to. You appreciate it then next thing you know you're 3 songs ahead. It's hard to truly pay attention to and appreciate the emotion in it. Attempting to do so I find only makes me yawn even more since it's not that kind of song. More of a "casual listening" song I guess.


What if


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I agree with your statement on What If too! One of my favs from X&Y era. :)


The image in my mind when I listen to this one is kind of hard to explain... it's not really even a place, just something that almost kinda resembles you being below water with the sun shining through above, to a point where you can't actually see the dot of light but rather just the light itself is lighter above. I guess that's it.


As for the song itself it's alright, nothing mind blowing. It starts out really good. But then it kind of just... drags on. As beautiful and unique as it is. Not Coldplay's strongest effort.


Cemeteries of London

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I don't know if there are any Doctor Who fans, but every time I listen to Army of One, it reminds me of the Twelfth Doctor and an episode from last season when he was completely on his own and had to endure 4.5 billion years of struggle to save the person he loved most in the universe. Plus, he's "been around the world, the universe too" and "been around flying" in his TARDIS. Not what Coldplay had in mind with the song, I'm sure, but it makes me love the song even more. Actually, it's probably my favorite from AHFOD :-)


Death and All His Friends

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This song always gives me a lot of strength. It has one of my favourite Coldplay lines: so come over, just be patient and don't worry! Actually, when something goes wrong in my life I try to remember this sentence and then the song starts to resonate in my head. It's a way of life... so every time I hear it I know everything will be fine. It's useless to worry about anything, I just have to live and wait for the best. That's all!



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what!!!! Trouble isn't good?!!

Okay then Imma do it then.

This is my fav from Parachutes. It has a wonderful melancholic vibe to it and always reminds me of being in the rain, throughout it's such a masterpiece! Especially at the end part where the piano really shines through. It then reminds me of being right beside a campfire in the rain, after a long day in the rain... (I seen someone here liken Oldplay songs in particular to this feeling, this is where I get that from and I completely agree with that.) So that's my opinion on Trouble. Right for listening on a cold yet warm night.

As for Car Kids, I am mad it's unreleased. :P


Hurts Like Heaven

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Definitely! It's a very strong album opener (if you throw it in the same track as the title track, which honestly they should just be combined... that's the way it is on my phone) I like listening to it when something reaaaaaallly exciting is happening that day, that's the first song I play, it happened a few times on my vacation this year :D


Not too big a fan of this one. I'll admit though, it showcases Coldplay stepping out of their comfort zone, this is music that they don't usually make with the hard rock feel as opposed to the melancholic rock they did back in the day. So I'm glad they took that step to make something that felt unique and different from what they were mainly doing at that time. Doesn't necessarily mean the final product was good though. (I suppose it's okay... and I'm not saying I don't like hard rock, in fact the majority of that genre I enjoy, just not Coldplay's strong suit I guess when they go that far with it... because I still like songs like Violet Hill that are "harder" then their usual content, and I've even come to like "Major Minus", once my least favorite of Coldplay. Anyone here remember that? I bashed Major Minus whenever I brought it up? Yeah, those days are gone now. Still my least favorite from Mylo Xyloto (Up In Flames held that spot for a while but I've come to like it again) sooooo yeah....)

As for what I visualize, it's mainly just white mildly decorated with hints of green and yellow here and there... not any sort of landscape or anything like most songs. If any of you have been paying any sort of attention to comments I've made here you'd notice I strongly associate colors and most times certain scenes with songs. I'm really really visual that way and really adds to the listening experience if I'm actually there where listening to the song! It fits so nicely. And it doesn't even have to fit exactly with what I imagine the scene to be like to sound extra special! For example once I was listening to The Scientist, I associate that song with a cloudy sky sort of day in the evening, but not completely grey, even some yellow mixed in along the horizon where the sun is... you know how it shines through sometimes. Really, even the colors white and yellow on the sides in general I associate with that song. But I was going for a drive one evening in the country, and the sun was really low, like against the horizon low, it looked very red... the best thing about it was some low fog was starting to form in areas. The Scientist came on and watching the sun set and shine through the fog casting a red glow through it... that was easily the best time I've had listening to that song. it brought tears to my eyes especially as that was around the time when I learned someone I love dearly had passed away recently.... I miss them to this day, but am much better about it, even though when sad songs come on I still get a little extra sad :cry:

So that's that on that.


Always in my head

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That this track is criminally underrated!!!!! The majority of people on here tend to dislike it and I can't really seem to know why. I mean, yes it's their opinion and they deserve one just like me but I still don't get it... everything about it is so beautiful. One of my favorite tracks from X&Y, the guitar sounds beautiful and all the other sounds in there, blend so perfectly together into a heartfelt masterpiece. Such a joy every time I listen to it. Feels like you're at the end of a very long journey, at least instrumentally wise. It gives off that kind of vibe.


As for what I see, I picture an area somewhere out in the country, with a few shacks here and there in a small clearing in the forest, and the sky is showing some bits of almost a watery dreamy blue amongst a lot of clouds. After a big rainstorm (which would be the rest of X&Y, or at least most of it) passed through.

Just seems that X&Y is perfect for listening to on rainy days. :D


A Head Full Of Dreams

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