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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear that coldplay song?


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Cooking sausages, like Will does in the video :P




edit: looks like i was way too late for Don't Panic :dizzy:, but how weird is it that we^^ both picked Ink?? :P


Wow what a coincidence! Ink is a beautiful song... I remember I listened to it like 3295435 times when GS came out in summer of 2014... back then I was passing a tough time and this special song made me feel so much better every time I listened to it.

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for A Whisper:

it reminds me of going for bike rides around my neighborhood when i was in high school, i think because i would listen to Coldplay a lot during those rides :P


EDIT: oops, I was too late[emoji23]


you have to be really quick it seems to get a post properly lined up. we're all posting too fast! :P



and for the next song: A Message

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