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What is your favorite song today?

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My favorite from Take That is pretty things, Giants and Hold Up A Light And If You Want It.

I happened to listen to the whole Beautiful World album by Take That and it is very beautiful, magnificent, splendid! All the songs are bops, no fillers. I really adore that record and hope that the group returns to the sound of Beautiful World era in the future. :)

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Since I was on a local "Alternative Indie Rock" Concert with 3 absolutely fantastic young bands yesterday, my favourite song today is one, which was covered as intro song from the first band: Foals - Spanish Sahara.

This band has demo tracks on soundcloud and soon they want to release their first single on Spotify.

Check them out:

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Although I don't listen to metal this wonderful acoustic version of Crawling by Linkin Park is stuck in my mind today. Good choice for Chris to play this as a tribute to Chester Bennington.


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